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Shaoguan is honored as “Top Tourist City of China”, “National Double Support Model City”, “National Hygiene City”, “National Landscape Garden City”, “National Financial Ecology City” and “Ecological Civilization Construction Pilot Area”, as well as “Guangdong Historical Cultural City”, “Guangdong Civilized City”, “Guangdong Health City”, “Guangdong Landscape Garden City” and “Forestry Ecological City”, “Economic Region”. As one of the transportation hub cities, Shaoguan is thought to be a regional central city of planning and construction of Guangdong.

As a cradle of generations of gifted people in history, Shaoguan is home to many celebrities, such as Hou Andu, a key official in the Chen Dynasty, Zhang Jiuling, the famous prime minister of Tang Dynasty, Yu Jing, a notable government official in the Song Dynasty and the like. During Song...[more]


In 2017, Shaoguan' s GDP reached to ¥133.8 billion of which ¥17.17 billion was taken by the primary industry, ¥49.14 billion by the second industry and ¥67.18 billion by the tertiary industry with an industrial structure of 12.8:36.7:50.5. It was calculated that the GDP per capita was 45 thousand in Shaoguan while the local general budget revenue reached to about 8.87 billion.

Shaoguan can be said to be a pioneer of modern industry. From 1950s to 1970s, owing to its strategic importance, China's central government aimed to develop it into a heavy industry base in Southern China. A great number of backbone enterprises including Shaoguan Steel Group Company Limited, Shaoguan Smelting Plant, Shaoguan Excavator Producer, Fankou Lead-Zinc Mine, Dabaoshan Mining Co. , Ltd and suchlike were founded one after another which all contributed ...[more]