More Than 640,000 Trees Have Been Planted in Shaoguan This Spring!

Spring is in the air and all living things are alive

It is the right time to plant trees and protect the green

Shaoguan in March

Tree planting is in full swing

The broad masses of cadres and people are actively planting green and carefully protecting green.

Sprout shoots spring up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain


In spring, Shaoguan is green with mountains and rivers.



Since this year, the whole city has joined forces to seize the best time for afforestation in spring and carry out extensive voluntary tree planting activities. Up to now, the city has carried out 3727 voluntary tree planting events, mobilized more than 180000 participants, and planted more than 640000 trees (converted). At the same time, combined with the public welfare action of "It's You make Shaoguan more green and beautiful", we raised more than 80 million yuan of donations for Green-beautiful-kind Project to create a strong atmosphere of "planting green on the earth, sowing green in the heart and enjoying green for all" in the whole society.