Shaoguan has fully completed 855,900 mu!

A year's plan begins in spring

As the temperature rises

All parts of our city have entered the busy farming season for spring ploughing.


Farmers are busy in Shixing County Vegetable Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park.


In order to do a good job in spring ploughing and planting this year, the city's agricultural and rural departments have comprehensively strengthened the dispatch of agricultural materials for spring ploughing, organized major fertilizer and pesticide dealers, and made an orderly reserve of agricultural materials such as fertilizers and pesticides according to the demand for spring ploughing. At present, it has invested1973 tons of agricultural film , 844 tons of pesticides, 55400 tons of fertilizers, 405 tons of hybrid early rice seeds, 183 tons of hybrid maize seeds, the city has sufficient supply of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural materials.


In addition, our city has made preparations for centralized seedling raising and agricultural machinery operation at the same time. Sixteen centralized seedling raising facilities have been built and put into use in the city, with an estimated service area of 41,300 mu. It is estimated that during the spring farming period, the city will invest 416,600 kilowatts of agricultural machinery, 32,800 agricultural machinery and tools, and the planned mechanized farming area of crops will be about 1.02 million mu. Go all out to ensure spring farming production.



It is understood that due to the continuous low temperature and rainy weather in the previous period, the farming season in our city is later than the same period last year, including 1-2 days later for early rice seedling raising, 3-5 days later for peanuts, and the overall situation of sugarcane, yellow tobacco and vegetables is the same as last year. At present, our city is seizing the current warm weather, grasping the seedling raising and plowing and harrowing fields, rapidly setting off the upsurge of spring ploughing and planting, the city's spring ploughing and planting is advancing rapidly, and the current progress is basically the same as last year.


As of March 25, 855,900 mu of spring crops had been sown in the city, including 913,00 mu of grain crops, 318,700 mu of oil crops, 243,000 mu of vegetables and 162,900 mu of other plants such as yellow tobacco. There are 338,700 mu of early rice fields and 557,300 mu of early rice seedlings (equivalent to field area). Four thousand mu of fruit, six thousand mu of tea, four thousand and two hundred mu of edible fungi were added.