A New Green & Beautiful Garden is Added in Shaoguan, Here It Is→

A few days ago, the list of Lin Chang Green & Beautiful Gardens of Guangdong Province of 2023 was announced, and 15 new Lin Chang G&B Gardens were added. Among them,  Shangzhonglei Demonstration Area of Shitang town in Renhua County is on the list, and the number of Lin Chang G&B Gardens in the whole province has increased to 26. Shangzhonglei Demonstration Area in Shitang town is a demonstration site of G&B Guangdong Ecological Construction in Renhua County. Relying on the good local ecological environment, the demonstration area has built nearly 3 kilometers of forest trails and several landscape nodes, initially creating a livable and tourist area integrating forest resources protection, forestry industry, forest landscape and popular science education.

Shangzhonglei demonstration area, Shitang town, Renhua county.