Watch the Blockbuster of "Spring Ploughing" in Shaoguan!

A year's plan begins in spring

A years harvest relies on spring ploughing

Into the spring

All parts of our city have rushed to seize the farming season.

Go all out to prepare for spring ploughing

Farmers grab the farming season to carry out spring farming production.


It is understood that

This year the whole city plans

Spring planting area of 1.6741 million mu  

Among It

It is planned to plant 727,700 mu of grain

and 412,700 mu of oil plants

and 327,500 mu of vegetables

As of March 14, the area of spring crops in the city was 601,000 mu.

Among them, there are 47,800 mu of grain crops, 168,500 mu of oil plants, 203,000 mu of vegetables, 206,100 mu of early rice fields and 413,300 mu of early rice seedlings (equivalent to field area). Add 0.49 million mu of fruit and 0.24 million mu of tea and 0.02 million mu of flowers.


At present, Wengyuan County Rural Revitalization Seedling Breeding Center has bred 60000 mu of rice seedlings and 50000 mu of vegetable seedlings.


Tobacco farmers in Zhutian Town of Nanxiong City are covering yellow tobacco with plastic film. Photo by Li Hong


The intelligent rice seedling raising center of North Guangdong Brothers Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Shensuo Town, Shixing County started the work of early rice seedling raising. Photograph by Yang Rui-lian


At the Beidou planting demonstration base in Baitu Town, Qujiang District, farmers are busy with farming.