"Red Bayberry" of Fruits of May

Summer in Shixing is in red bayberry flavor. The red bayberry fruits all over the mountains and plains are like grains of red agate, red and purple, purple and full. Anyone can't help picking one, two, three, four and biting them down. The sweet and sour juice permeates one's heart and spleen from the teeth and cheeks. This is  just the taste of summer.



Shixing County is the "Hometown of Chinese bayberry", with rich historical and cultural deposits, rich natural and ecological resources, and very suitable climate and geographical conditions for the growth of bayberry.



Shixing bayberry has the characteristics of good fruit, big size, small core, beautiful color and strong taste, which is favored by consumers in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area, and has a high reputation and reputation.




At present, when bayberry is on the market, in the bayberry planting base of Yifu Farm, Chengnan Town, Shixing County, the early mature small black bayberry trees have been covered with red fruits.


One after another, one tree after another, overlapping and scattered, the bayberries hang on the branches in the green bushes, shining red and purple, beautiful and attractive, awakening people's expectations and taste buds.