“Mountain Plum" of Fruits of May

In Spring we appreciate plum blossoms and harvest plums in Summer. It is reported that "Mountain plum" is the general name of plums in Dengfang Town, Nanxiong city, and the main varieties are early-maturing plum, Sanhua plum and Nai plum.



Recently, successive rainy days have nourished the growth of seasonal fruits, and the early-maturing plums in Nanxiong City have entered the picking period. Speaking of plums, many people will associate them with thick meat, sweet and sour, crisp and fragrant smell for the first time. One bite into the mouth, the juice is full, sweet and slightly sour, which makes people's taste buds open.



In the planting base of more than 200 mu in Mazhan Village, Dengfang Town, early-maturing plums have been hanging on the branches, what a bumper harvest sceneThe Mountain plums look more and more full and attractive in the sunshine. Walking through the plum orchard, the breeze blows, and the orchard smells of fruit fragrance. Besides its sweet, sour and crisp taste, it also has high nutritional value.