“Cherry is Getting Red" of theSeries of “Here Come Good Things of Shaoguan ”!

Cherry is the earliest ripe fruit in the North,  which is known as "the first branch of spring fruit".

"North Cherry Moved to South" to Shensuo Town, Shixing County

More than 4000 big cherry trees  in the Big Cherry Modern Agricultural Industrial Park of 1000 mu have matured and come into the market recently.

Planting in the greenhouse

Cherry trees are full of ruddy and plump fruits.

Fruit growers carefully picked the fruits and sorted and packed them in time.




Cherry is the representative of the season in late spring and early summer.

The planting of "North Cherry Moved to South" in Shixing is very successful. Cherries are not only delicious and delicate,

The meat is thick, the core is small, the taste is sweet and the juice is abundant.




The cherries planted in the Industrial Park have entered the mature period.

The color also changed from red to dark red.

The weight of a single fruit can reach more than 18 grams.

The sugar content reaches 17 degrees.

It looks very attractive ~