“Mulberry Is Getting Black" of the Series of “Here Come Good Things of Shaoguan”!

Late spring and early summer

 It's time to eat mulberry!

The purple and red fruits are hidden among the green leaves, each of which is the size of a thumb and makes peoples mouth watering.



Anyone just needs to touch the ripe mulberry  lightly, and the purple, black and shiny mulberry will fall into the basket. Taste it gently, and the sweet and sour delicacy blooms in your mouth.




Mulberry is very full of fruit

The color is purple and black

Sweet and juicy on the palate

Except for direct consumption

The older generation would use the mulberry to make wine.

And young people like to use it as fruit or made into jam.


Mulberry is not only delicious

Also it has the effect of tonifying people's liver and kidney, relieving summer-heat, improving eyesight, blackening hair and the like.


On a warm and windy day

Carry on a basket

To pick up not just fresh mulberry

but also a kind of fun.

Let's go