“ Loquat Is Getting Ripe" of the Series of “Here Come Good Things of Shaoguan”!

The spring breeze blows the loquat yellow, and the sweet water leaves the fragrance on the teeth. Another year, when the loquats in Shaoguan are ripe, the loquat trees are flourishing, and the golden loquats are all over the branches, hiding behind the green leaves and sending sweet invitations.


Shixing County of Shaoguan city

locates upstream of the Beijiang River,

The southern foot of Nanling Mountain is surrounded by mountains.

The valley bottom is flat and wide, with a history of nearly 500 years of loquat cultivation.

It is located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone.

It concentrates the southwest warm and humid air flow from the sea

Make this place moist but not dry all the year round.

It has achieved the title of "the hometown of loquat in China".



These loquats are round and beautiful, shaped like water droplets, golden in color, tender in meat, moist and sweet with just the right acid, and one bite can taste the whole spring.