Welcome to Shaoguan in winter, Red Maple Leaves Will Leave You "Maple" Feeling

Stepping into winter, the maple leaves in Lingnan gradually put on red clothes. Lingnan Red Leaf World is located in Qingyun Mountain, Chafan Village, Huangxi Town, Xinfeng County, with superior natural conditions and pleasant climate. It was awarded the national "Forest Health Base" by China Forestry Industry Association.


he maple leaves in Lingnan Red Leaf World have put onnew clothes.


In the park, the mountains are red and the forests are dyed.


There are more than 80,000 red maples in the park, including wild maples, American red maples,Chicken feet maple and other varieties. Every year from mid-October to December, maple trees are covered with red clothes and stand like torches on both sides of the path.


The maple leaves in Lingnan Red Leaf World are yellow and red, or red as fire, creating a poetic and romantic forest path.


In the scenic area, you can watch the sunrise and sunset, enjoy the sea of clouds and stars; you can take a walk and play in the forest, cruise in the lake; you can also take photos in the transparent star room, make a wish on the love bridge, and experience mountain bike, hamster roller, high-altitude swing and other projects.


The Yunji Mountain in Xinfengknown as "Shangri-La in Guangdong", has the same "maple" scenery as Qingyun Mountain. All over the mountains and plains, the maple leaves are as red as fire, like red clouds blowing on the face.


The Yunji Mountain of Xinfeng known as "Shangri-La of Guangdong" .

Photo by Luo Zhizhong


The maple leaves here are very red, from deep red to orange, then to orange and golden yellow, and the color is as rich as a palette. Later, Yunji Mountain will be covered with layers of red leaves, like a natural red carpet, winding from the top to the foot of the mountain.


The batik-like maple forest of Yunji Mountain. As far as the eye can see, the layers are distinct. photo by Li Jing


In the early wintercolor-leafed plants begin to change from green to yellow and red, just like the wonderful scene of colorful picture scrolls, you will experience not only the bleak autumn wind, but also the changing flavor of life hidden in the change of seasons. In Yuntianhai Primeval

Forest Hot Spring Resort, the red maple leaves spread out layer by layer. With the pace of autumn, the colorful and beautiful scenery changes. Walking through the maple forest, as if falling into a fairy tale world. The colorful maple leaves outline a bright oil painting.


In the Danxia Lingxi Forest Resort in Renhua County, the maple leaves are equally red. The colder the weather is, the more fresh and beautiful the maple leaves in Lingxi are, creating gorgeous winter scenery to welcome visitors. Here, you can stroll along the riverside plank road, watch the maple leaves flourish, and enjoy the warm afternoon tea leisurely.

The maple leaves of Danxia Lingxi Forest Resort are reflected in the lake, just like the fairyland in the painting.

Photo source: Forest Dawn


Strolling between the mountains and rivers of nature, every frame the eyes see is a touching scenery, every breath is a fresh taste, and every listening is clear and melodious birdsong. Come here for picnic and camping with friends, and you can feel the pleasure of "picking chrysanthemums beneath the eastern fence, seeing Nanshan Mountain in leisure".


In Danxia Lingxi Forest Resort, you can't miss a relaxing afternoon tea.