Welcome to Shaoguan in Winter, Ginkgo Trees Will Bring You into Fairy Tale

Here comes another year of ginkgo season, Nanxiong ginkgo is being rendered golden. Ginkgo trees, which keep in low profile on weekdays, are brilliant at the same time in this season, bringing "the rich color of splashing the sky" to the beautiful landscape of northern Guangdong. If you like dark yellow style, you must come to Nanxiong.


As a natural ginkgo growing area with the lowest latitude in China, Nanxiong city which is known as the "Hometown of ginkgo", has planted more than 100000 mu of ginkgo forest. Among them, Maozifeng Forest Park has a superior geographical environment, with a forest coverage rate of nearly 95%, which has won the reputation of "Jiuzhaigou in Northern Guangdong". The ginkgo leaves on the "Golden Avenue" in the scenic area are golden and full of brightness.


The ginkgo trees in Maozifeng Scenic Area were planted by forest farm workers 20 years ago. Although the trees are not very old, they grow in succession. The patches of golden yellow between the green mountains and waters, and the layers of forest are dyedmake people feel like walking into a fairy tale world, attracting many photography enthusiasts to come.


There are two main viewing spots to enjoy Nanxiong ginkgo: one is Maofeng Forest Farm and the other is Pingtian Town. Pingtian Town is famous for its clusters of ancient ginkgo trees, which are hundreds of thousands of years old, dotted in the countryside, creating a simple and quiet atmosphere.


This is also the  location of the movie Teacher. Don't Cry.

Movie "Teacher, Don't Cry" (Stage photo


The viewing spots of Ginkgo biloba in Pingtian are concentrated in Aobei Village, Fengwu Village and Junyingzhai Village. Wandering in Aobei Village, we can see the farmhouse with smoke curling from kitchen chimneys and the villagers sitting around under the ginkgo tree drinking tea and chatting, presenting a simple and quiet  picture of the countryside, which is pleasant and charming.


Fengwu Village in Pingtian Town is built on the mountain and surrounded by water, creating a harmonious and pleasant pastoral scenery. Ginkgo trees are the "standard layout" of every household, and the ancient trees planted in front of and behind houses have witnessed the thick history and the vicissitudes of time. The setting sun is reflected in the whole ginkgo forest, which is mottled, and you can feel the simple and beautiful rural pastoral scene in an instant.