Welcome to Shaoguan in Winter to Enjoy Taxodium Distichum and Encounter Winter Romance

The leaves of Taxodium distichum are arranged in a feather shape on the twigs, and fall off with the twigs in winter, so it is named "falling feather". In Shaoguan, Taxodium distichum can be regarded as aMaster of changing clothes". It is green and lovely in spring and summer, and gorgeous and eye-catching in autumn and winter. It tells people the rotation of solar terms in the most straight forward and warm way.


Shixing County Road X344 is known as "the most beautiful rural road". The leaves of Taxodium distichum on both sides of the road gradually change from yellow-green to orange-red when the weather is cold, which is very spectacular and charming. Most of these Taxodium distichum trees were planted between 1990 and 1992, and they are now 30 years old, with straight trunks and huge "feather umbrellas", making it a popular check-in place of internet celebrity in the winter of Shixing.


On both sides of the road leading to Lechang and other villages, the towering Taxodium distichum stands up like a canvas rendered by nature, scorched yellow, orange red, brown yellow……All of them are lush and beautiful, and become a beautiful scenery.



Under the urging of the cold wind, the tall and straight Taxodium distichum trees changed from green to rusty red. Walking on the Wengyuanbazai Jinxing and Guangdong-Tai Highways, the rows of red Taxodium distichum along the road come into view. Its "beauty" is beyond words



In Tianjingshan National Forest Park in Ruyuan, a large area of Taxodium distichum forest is very spectacular. The park, with obvious vertical distribution of forest vegetation and rich species, was opened to the public free of charge in late November this year. While the weather turns cool, you might as well come here to have a warm encounter with the red leaves.


Tall and straight Taxodium distichum in Tianjingshan National Forest Park.

Photo by Li Haiying


Overlooking from a high place, the color of the Taxodium distichum forest is strong and gorgeous, just like the dazzling fireworks in full bloom on the earth. Standing in the forest, we can see that the feathery red leaves on the top of the head add color to the sky.