Danxia Mountain’s beautiful spring scenery was broadcasted on CCTV News channel of China

Spring comes with the recovery of all things and the blooming of flowers.
In April, colorful flowers in full bloom appear everywhere in Mount Danxia.
On the evening of April 6,Danxia Mountain’s beautiful spring scenery was broadcasted on CCTV News channel,
presenting its unique
geological landscape and beauty
to the public.

Mount Danxia is located in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, with a total area of 292 square kilometers. Mount Danxia, from which all Danxia landscapes get their name,has been declared World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, World Geopark, National Nature Reserve. The park has more than 680 peaks and pillars of different shapes and sizes. Temples, ancient villages and other cultural sites can be easily found in the mountains. Clouds that cover the pillars, the mesas and sandstone rock formations, the pleasant environment and tranquility make it a fairyland for visitors. The aerial view of Mount Danxia, eastern peaks and sisters peaks were broadcasted on the News channel this time. 

The Sisters Peaks of Mount Danxia

Eastern Peaks of Mount Danxia

Mount Danxia Administration Committee attaches great importance to ecological protection of Mount Danxia. 
In recent years, more than 20 new species of animals, plants and fungi have been discovered here, while most of the new species live in the Danxia Mountain or the Danxia landform areas only. 
It fully reflects the continuous progress that has been made regarding the ecological protection work of Mount Danxia.


Recently, a report on the survey result of tourist satisfaction on tourist attractions in Guangdong province was released by the province’s Scenic Spot Industrial Association. According to the report, Danxia Mountain was rated as one of the top 15 A-level scenic spots in Guangdong Province in 2021 and one of the the top 10 popular 5A-level scenic spots in the province.

Danxia Mountain Tourist Attraction


Among the top 15 A-level scenic spots in Guangdong Province in 2021, Danxia Mountain Tourist Attraction had a satisfaction rate of 91.89%.

Among the top 10 popular 5A-level scenic spots in the province, Danxia Mountain Tourist Attraction ranked 7th with a popularity of 1,393 points.


As a 5A-level scenic spot in Guangdong Province and one of the top 10 popular scenic spots,
Danxia Mountain Tourist Attraction must have something special, let’s take a closer look at it.

Danxia Mountain World Geopark is located in Renhua County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a scenic spot with Danxia landscapes as its main feature, and many cultural relics sitting in the mountains. The geopark covers an area of 292 square kilometers, located in the southern edge of Nanling Mountains, with 619.2 meters (Bazhai) above sea level. It sits in an area with humid subtropical climate, having subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest as its main native vegetation. The park has 11 species of plants and 32 species of animals under key State protection.


Danxia mountain Tourist Attraction opened to the public in 1980
In 1988, won accreditation from the State Council as a National Key Tourist Attraction
In 1995, won accreditation from the State Council as a National Geological Reserve 
In 2000, rated as National AAAA Level tourist destination
In 2001, won accreditation from the Ministry of Land and Resources as a National Geological Park
In 2004, approved as Global Geopark 
In 2010, Danxia landform was listed on the World Heritage List as "China Danxia" 
In 2012, rated as National AAAAA Level tourist destination
In 2017, listed on the list of the first batch of State-level Research and Practical Education Base for primary and secondary school students
In 2021, selected as a Research and Practical Education Base for Guangzhou primary and secondary school students

Every year, Mount Danxia welcomes a lot of tourists coming to watch the sunrise. In the early hours of the morning, you can always find many tourists on the platforms of Duo Stone, Shaoyin Pavilion, Sunrise Pavilion, waiting for the sunrise.

Tourists watching the sunrise at Mount Danxia [Photo/Tan Yuling]

When the rising sun appears from afar, in the east where the Monk Hat Peak meets the skyline, the sky turns bright with the golden rays of the sun.The peaks in the distance are looming out of the mist, and the red cliff looks resplendent.


Every autumn, due to the temperature drop and continuous rain, magnificent sea of clouds can often be seen in the morning at Mount Danxia.


Floating clouds come through the peaks and ravines, forming a magnificent view with sea of clouds, green mountains, red rocks and cliffs, together with the Jinjiang river and ancient villages, the view becomes a dynamic and dreamy Chinese ink painting. No wonder that Su Shi, a great scholar of Song Dynasty, would have sang high praise for the sea of clouds in Mount Danxia and said it must be the residence of celestial beings. 

Cause no one can be sure when the view of sea of clouds would appear, so you better check the weather forecast before you go visit. In places such as Sunrise Pavilion, Shaoyin Pavilion, Duo Stone, there will be greater chances to enjoy the beauty of the sea of clouds. 

Study Trip

Mount Danxia has always been one of the preferred places for primary school, middle school and college students to carry out study trips. Mount Danxia’s natural resources, traditional culture make it an ideal place for students to do research on various subject matters.In recent years, a large number of primary and middle school students have visited Mount Danxia to carry out study trips.

Recently, China Association for Science and Technology has released the list of the first batch of National Science Education Bases of year 2021 to 2025. Mount Danxia has been included in the list. 

Bird Watching Tour

Every year when autumn comes, various migratory birds fly to Mount Danxia National Nature Reserve. In late August and mid-October of 2021, southbound birds from Northeast Asia, such as spot-billed duck, garganey, black-winged Stilt, grey-headed lapwing, pacific golden plover, whiskered tern, and purple heron were found in the reserve, making the bird species record into 231 species.The museum of Mount Danxia has a special bird-watching experience course. Visitors can make an appointment during the National Day holidays and have the opportunity to follow the professional bird-watching mentors into the reserve and enjoy the beauty of the birds.

As of September 30, 2021, 231 species of birds which belong to 58 families and 18 orders have been found in Mount Danxia and recorded in its bird catalogue. Among these birds, there are 2 species falling into the category of first-grade State protection,  36 species falling into the category of second-grade State protection. Each kind of bird has its detailed graphic and geographic information records, providing accurate basic data for the protection of wildlife of the mountain. Meanwhile, the biodiversity of the Mount Danxia has been better maintained and improved while its value as a    world natural heritage being enhanced.

In addition, there are about 2,260 species of higher plants in Mount Danxia, among which 15 new species were found and named here. Most of these new species are small in numbers and rare, and endemic to Danxia landform.

New species Oriental Selaginella tamariscina found in Mount Danxia  [Photo/Mount Danxia Administration Committee]

The spring scenery of Mount Danxia is magnificent. You are welcomed to visit and enjoy the wonderful view here.