The first e-commerce town of Guangdong was put into operation in Zhoutian Town

Setting up the live stream holder, turning on the fill-in light, getting the  special local products ready...... it was Liu Zhen, a live streamer in Zhoutian e-commerce town, Renhua County, she was waiting in the studio, preparing for the upcoming live stream shopping.

A live streamer in Zhoutian e-commerce town is preparing for the upcoming live stream shopping


This is the first e-commerce town in Guangdong province, which was put into operation in May this year. By providing support for e-commerce enterprise regarding warehouse logistics, product marketing, favourable policy promotion, enterprise investment and financing services, the e-commerce town gathers strength from e-commerce enterprises in the county and forms a new e-commerce development model in the town. It creates a win-win pattern from which farmers and enterprises can both benefit and develop, offering new ways of thinking and new paths for promoting rural revitalization and economic and social development.


Zhoutian e-commerce town



"The service center of Zhoutian e-commerce town will cover an area of 5000 square meters and start its construction from February, aiming to finish at the end of April and will be put into operation in May. Its key function is to help local peasants to earn better life, local enterprises to have better development and boost rural revitalization by the means of e-commerce and live stream shopping, selling the local agricultural products nationwide." said Xiong Haiqiang, head of service center of Zhoutian e-commerce town. Xiong Haiqiang also introduced that the e-commerce town adopts the operation model of "1+5+16", "1" is to build a town-level e-commerce public service center, "5" refers to agricultural products exhibition, live stream shopping, e-commerce talent cultivation, e-commerce enterprise incubation, parcel collection and distribution, "16" is to build 16 village-level e-commerce service sites.


More than 800 kinds of famous, special and good quality new agricultural products from 21 cities in Guangdong entered Zhoutian e-commerce Town, with a total number of nearly 5,000 products.




Up to now, more than 800 famous, special and high quality new agricultural products from 21 cities in Guangdong have entered Zhoutian e-commerce town. The total number of products is nearly 5000, and 10 incubation enterprises have settled in the e-commerce town. Among them, 280 kinds of agricultural products, with a number of 1600 pieces, are from Shaoguan,. "We are planning to bring in more than 30 enterprises, and organize Zhoutian golden nai-plum festival, Qixi festival(China Valentine's Day)promotion activities, Mid-Autumn Festival activities to promote local agricultural products." said Xiong Haiqiang .



Tourists are purchasing agricultural products


Since the launch of Zhoutian e-commerce town project, the Bureau of Commerce of Shaoguan city vigorously supports the construction of Zhoutian e-commerce town, making full use of the construction of rural e-commerce demonstration project and cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area project to bridge the gap between production and consumption, constantly improve the e-commerce industry development environment and promote rural revitalization. According to the need of the construction of rural e-commerce demonstration project, the commerce bureau invested in equipping the e-commerce service stations in the towns and villages with live stream facilities. At the same time, the bureau integrated the logistic systems of the counties, towns and villages, ensuring agricultural products have a fast circulation track. As the city is building the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, the bureau also provides financial support for the talent training, exhibitions and other activities in the e-commerce town, guiding the e-commerce town to draw up an e-commerce talent training plan. In May, the e-commerce town has organized six cross-border e-commerce talent training programs for more than 300 people.


Official from the citys commerce bureau introduced, they will further speed up the progress of the e-commerce projects and promote rural revitalization, making full use of the opportunities come with the e-commerce to create more jobs and increase the farmers' income, strive to build Zhoutian e-commerce town into a new development model in the city and even in the  province.