Shaoguan Danxia Airport Officially Opens

Shaoguan Danxia Airport Officially Opens How to Get from the City Center to the Airport


Four airport shuttle bus lines and 2 bus lines have been opened to build a fast track between the Danxia Airport and the city center. These new bus lines will connect the airport with the main stations like Shaoguan High-speed Railway Station, Shaoguan East Railway Station, Shaoguan East Bus Station;and also connect to tourist spots like Danxia Mountain, Nanhua Temple and downtown residential areas.   

In addition, traffic signs have been set up around the airport and along the way to the airport. Drivers can also use navigation APP to get to Shaoguan Danxia Airport.


Shaoguan Yueyun Transportation Company has opened two airport bus and passenger lines since November 22. 
Line① From Qujiang District to Danxia Airport (line 101), starting from Shaoguan South Bus Station, line 101 goes to Da Zhuanpan, Public Security Bureau Qujiang Branch, Qujiang No. 2 Middle School, Paoshi, Shaoguan Smelter(Shaoye), Plastic Factory(Guangsu Chang), Xinjin Motor Center, Brewery, Development Zone, Jinsha Station, Shaoguan East Station, Liberation Road West, North Gate, Wuli Ting, Riverside Mansion, No. 2 Technician College(Er Ji), Huanggang, Wujiang Prison, Lishi Town, 309 Factory, Guitou Nursing Home, and Danxia Airport as destination.

Departure time at Shaoguan South Bus Station(Ma Ba): 15:10, 17:00
Departure time at Danxia Airport: 15:00, 17:15

Line② Shaoguan Town Center to Danxia Airport passenger line, starting from South Square of Shaoguan East Station, it goes to Jiefang Road West , West Causeway Road(Xidi Road Middle), North Gate, Maofeng Park, Wuli Ting, Riverside Mansion, Shili Ting, Huanggang, Lishi Town, 309 Factory, and Danxia Airport as the destination.

Departure time at South Square of Shaoguan East Station : 10:00-18:00, bus departs every hour on the hour. 
Departure time at Danxia Airport: 11:00-19:00, bus departs every hour on the hour.

The two lines above have been put into operation since Nov. 22, which may be changed according to the operation of the airport and its flight frequency. After the opening of the airport, airport shuttle bus lines will be opened to connect Shaoguan High-speed Railway Station with Danxia Airport, and Shaoguan East Railway Station with Danxia Airport.