Geology and Geomorphology

     Shaoguan lies in the south of Nanling Mountains and the tectonics of all areas are located in Xiangyue Flod Belt of China Platform. The geologic structure is complex. The igneous rocks distribute widely. Generally, the strata is well developed. The karst landforms are extensive and varied, and the rocks are mainly red sandstone conglomerate sandstone metamorphic rock granite and limestone. According to the geological history, Shaoguan is an intermittent rising zone, which is intensely affected by fluvial erosion. Thus, steep mountains, different-level planation surfaces and a great amount of gorges are formed. Mountainous and hilly landform is the main landform. From the north to the south, three series of curved mountains are arranged in a southern arc, forming the basic pattern of the north landscape of Guangdong province: Weiling Mountain and Dayuling Mountain Region, whose total length is 140 kilometers, are in the north side; the middle lies Dadong Mountain and Yaoling Mountain Region, which are 250 kilometers long; Qiwei Mountain and Qingyunshan Mountain Region, whose length is 270 kilometers, are in the south. Two lists of valley basins are distributed among them, including Nanxiong Basin, Renhua Dongtang Basin, Pingshi Basin, Lechang Basin, Shaoguan Basin and Wengyuan Basin. The hills and platforms of red rock series are widely distributed and have remarkable characteristics. Danxia Mountain in Renhua County is famous for its unique red rock landform. The typical Chinese “Danxia Landform” is named after it. The area of the mountain is about 280 square kilometers. The mountain cluster is peak-forest structure, with more than 600 picturesque peaks and rocks. Nanxiong Basin and Pingshi Basin are red rocks. Nanxiong Basin is vast in territory, with abundant ancient biological fossils in its strata. There are rolling mountains, lofty peaks and middle-low hills distributing in the city. Located in the juncture of Ruyuan, Yangshan and Hunan Province, Shikengkong Mountain in the north is the highest spot of Shaoguan and the highest mountain of Guangdong Province, too. The elevation of the mountain is 1902 meters. The terrain in the south is lower and the lowest point is 35 meters.