Minority Nationalities

      Shaoguan City is one of the Minority Habitations where lives Yao People and She People, with the minority population of 55 thousands (including 32 thousands Yao People and 11 thousands She People), which accounts for 1.7% of the populations of the whole city.  The minority mainly distributes in 51 small towns, 130 administration villages and 375 natural villages of Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, Shixing County, Nanxiong County, Qujiang County, Wengyuan County, Renhua County, Lechang City and Wujiang District.  There is a autonomous county: Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, and an autonomous village: Shixing Shendushui Yao Autonomous Village.  The amount of scattered habitat minority is 31 thousands, which accounts for 56.4% of the minority populations of the city.