“Nectarine” of Fruits of May

Jiufeng Mountain of Lechang has flowers, fruits and families, enjoying flowers in March and peaches in May. In Summer, the quiet mountain forest of Jiufeng Mountain in Lechang is lively again, because the peaches are ripe!



It is said that "peaches  Nourish people", and common peaches, such as flat peaches, are also known as "longevity peaches". When the hot summer is approaching, Jiufeng Mountain in Lechang is pregnant with a fresh fruit that is more "immortal" than flat peachesYellow Nectarine!


Compared with ordinary peaches, one of the greatest advantages of yellow-fleshed nectarines is that they are "hairless", smooth, ruddy and shiny in appearance, crisp, sweet and rich in taste when ripe, with thick flesh and small core.


Nectarine has high nutritional value, containing 17 kinds of amino acids, carotene and other nutrients needed by human body.



A bite down, sweet and sour juice from the throat into the heart, if the nectarine is immersed in the water for half an hour, then picked it upthe surface is still oozing crystal drops of water, just a bite downthe mouth will be full of ice crisp sweet.