Shaoguan’s Achievements in Transportation Development in the Past Ten Years

Both land and water transportation has been further developed... Shaoguan continues to promote the construction of transportation infrastructure, connect the "main arteries" that better link areas in the city to outside world, so as to create a powerful transportation engine for the northern ecological development zone. Ten years of transportation development has made this mountainous city a better-known place.


Eight expressways, three railways and two shipping lanes better connect Shaoguan to the world


With the completion of the Leguang Expressway, Shaoguan North High-speed Road, Wushen Expressway and the Shaoguan section of Shantou-Kunming Expressway, as well as the Shaoxin Expressway and Shaogan-Ganzhou Expressway Oushan Interconnection, the newly opened expressways have made it very convenient to travel from Shaoguan to provinces around and to the Pearl River Delta.At present, expressways have connected all the counties of Shaoguan city.


Daguang Expressway [Photo/Profile]


In the past 10 years, Shaoguan has built 477.8 kilometers of new expressways, and by the end of 2021, the total mileage of expressways in the city has reached 773 kilometers, ranking fourth in the province.


Shaoxin Expressway [Photo/Zhang Wei]


In the past 10 years, Shaoguan has further optimized the structure of the highway network, the number of national highways has been increased to 8 from 4, with 398.9 kilometers of new national highways being built. Meanwhile, it has finished the reconstruction and road surface reconstruction of about 1,200 kilometers of national and provincial highways.


Newly built village roads to promote the rural revitalization


By the end of 2020, Shaoguan’s village road hardening project has covered all the villages that has a population of over 100 and 278 provincial designated poverty-stricken villages each of which has a population of over 20. Meanwhile, main roads in the village are no more sandy roads, and the villagers' desire to have better and convenient road has become a reality. With a rural road transportation network that connects county to towns and villages being formed, villagers will not have difficulty in traveling anymore.


Among them, Lechang county and Nanxiong county have been awarded as Model County for their provincial and national "Good and Convenient Rural Roads", while Renhua county and Shixing county have been rated as Model County for their provincial "Good and Convenient Rural Roads".


Zhuji Town Lidong Village section of Nanxiong County Y028 road. [Photo/Pan Wenyu]


The section between Pitou and Yaoshan of X800 road in Xiafu Village,Danxia Street, Renhua County. [Photo/Liang Fang]


In addition, Shaoguan has also completed the construction of municipal roads such as Shaozhou Avenue, Nanhua Avenue and Roads in Furongshan Area , further improved the road network between the urban area and the downtown area of Qujiang district and New District area, promoting the integrated development of the downtown area of Qujiang district and the New District of Shaoguan.


Pavements of urban roads have been changed from concrete to asphalt, making the city more beautiful and comfortable [Photo/Tong Tongshao]


Southern section of Shaoguan Avenue (the section between the Shaoguan intersection of the Expressway and the Xilian Tunnel)


The construction of Shaoguan Port is in full swing to realize the navigation of thousand-ton transport ship


In 2019 and 2020, the second ship lock of the Mengli junction of Beijiang Channel and the second ship lock of Mengzhouba junction were completed, marking the completion of the 1,000-ton channel of the Beijiang River, and the 1,000-ton transport ships can directly travel from the ports of the Greater Bay Area to the Beijiang Port of Shaoguan.


The cargo ship Shunqiang Yuanjian is unloading at Shaoguan Port [Photo/Zhang Weijie]


Upon the completion and opening of the Beijiang channel after its capacity expansion and upgrading project, the development of Beijiang shipping has taken a new step, and the cargo throughput of the port has achieved a significant increase, with the cargo throughput of Shaoguan Port reaching nearly 3 million tons in 2021. While the first phase of the Shaoguan Port Wushi Comprehensive Transportation Hub is scheduled to be put into operation in 2022, the Baitu operation area is expected to be put into use in 2024, and the port throughput of Shaoguan Port is expected to reach 15 million tons in 2025. 


Promote the integration of urban and rural transportation to make travel more convenient for citizens


For traditional taxi transportation, Shaoguan has formulated an implementation plan for the pilot operation of "taxi cars + online ride-hailing", which gives taxi cars the rights of concurrently operating online ride-hailing, allowing the same car to use the taxi price system and the online ride-hailing price system respectively, so as to promote the integrated development of taxis and online ride-hailing. This pilot operation has been included in one of the four pilot demonstration cities in the province.


The Furong Tunnel was opened to traffic, making it easier to connect the old urban area to the new district [Photo/Tong Tongshao]


At the same time, Shaoguan has also vigorously promoted the use of new energy vehicles. Since 2018, the city started to replace gasoline buses into electric ones, and 81% of the city’s buses have been replaced by electric buses by the end of 2020. While all the taxis have been replaced by electric cars in the urban area since October 2021. The municipal transportation department has also actively promoted the application of new energy vehicles in the freight industry, and accelerated the construction of a green, low-carbon, intensive and efficient logistics distribution system and distribution mode in Shaoguan.


Electric taxis [Photo/Profile]


The mileage of Shaoguan’s roads keeps increasing, like major arteries connecting areas around the city. Shaoguan’s transportation departments are driving urban development and rural revitalization along all the roads with an pioneering spirit!