Data Center Phase 1st Project of China Mobile Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao (Shaoguan) Which Invests 5.6 Billion Opens!

On December 12, the fourth quarter of 2023, the city's centralized project start-up and the data center phase 1st project of China Mobile Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao (Shaoguan) start-up activities were held to implement the "1310" specific deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the "363" work arrangement of the Municipal Party Committee, mobilize the whole city to work with more enthusiasm and more solid style. Focusing on the "High-quality Development Project of Hundreds of

Counties, Thousands of Towns and Thousands of Villages", we have made every effort to focus on project construction. We should pay close attention to the landing of key projects and strive to promote Shaoguan to be in the forefront of the province's high-quality development. Mr. Chen Shaorong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, announced the start of the event and delivered a speech. Mr. Chen ZhiqingMayor of the Municipal Governmentpresided over the event. Mr. Cai Weiwen, member, director and Deputy General Manager of the Party Committee of China Mobile Communications Group Guangdong Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zheng Qilong, Deputy Secretary and General Manager of the Party Committee of South China Company of China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., attended the event.


Activity site.


A total of 186 projects, with a total investment of 16 billion yuan, participated in the centralized start-up activities, mainly involving big data, new energy, new materials, industrial technological transformation, agriculture,

forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industries, as well as infrastructure, people's livelihood, rural revitalization and other fields. Among them, China Mobile Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao (Shaoguan) Data Center Phase I Project in the main venue, with a total investment of

over 5.6 billion yuan, plans to build four data centers, two power centers and one support and maintenance building, with a total construction area of about 13.50 thousand square meters, total construction 32000 2.5KW standard racks, the project serves the Internet IDC needs of China Mobile Dawan District and the whole South China region, upgrades Shaoguan to a national backbone network node, builds a direct all-optical network base, and realizes a computing power network. Help Shaoguan speed up the building of cloud computing, big data, new IT services and "Internet +" and other four high-end industrial clusters.