A historical moment: Shaoguan Port opens up a new chapter——intellectualization

Recently, the launching ceremony of the Smart Port—Shaoguan Port Wushi Comprehensive Transportation Hub Project was successfully held, marking an important step in the field of port construction in the city.


Shaoguan Port Intelligent Control Center.

Head of the Shaoguan Port Company said: intelligent facilities and equipment, such as intelligent control center, automatic stacker-reclaimer, intelligent inspection robot, etc. will create a modern management system for the operation of the Shaoguan Port, which will surely promote the deep integration of science and technology to advance the development of the port , contributing to optimize the business environment and accelerate the development of the city's shipping industry.

Shaoguan Port is an important inland port and an integral part of the regional comprehensive transportation system in Guangdong Province. It is also an interchange center of land and water transportation in northern Guangdong for the distribution of important goods. The port is a standardized terminal that can dock ships of 1,000 tons.

Shaoguan Port Wushi Comprehensive Transportation Hub

As the first port in Shaoguan City that has been planned and built by the "green and smart" standard. The project of Shaoguan Port Wushi Comprehensive Transportation Hub finished the construction of the berth and its supporting facilities as the first step, which is at the downstream of the Port. After the first berth is put into operation, the port then starts the construction of the second berth. Meanwhile, Shaoguan Port is making full use of intelligent control system , 5G inspection robot and other scientific and technological methods to comprehensively improve its operational efficiency.

At the same time, high-efficiency windproof dust suppression net, intelligent spraying, integrated sewage treatment system and other advanced technological equipment are applied to achieve sewage recycling and to vigorously develop the green and intelligent shipping on Beijiang river.

Shaoguan Port Wushi Comprehensive Transportation Hub

A total of 12 berths are planned to be constructed for the first phase of the Shaoguan Port Wushi Comprehensive Transportation Hub, among which 8 berths with 10 million tons of designed annual throughput will be built first. Currently, berths 8 to 12 have been put into operation.

Hoisting and lifting equipment at the berth  

After the official launch of the first intelligent control center of Shaoguan Port Wushi Comprehensive Transportation Hub, the operational efficiency of the port area will be significantly enhanced. Traditional manual operations will gradually be replaced by remote intelligent control. At the same time, the application of big data analysis will realize the centralized cloud storage of information on port infrastructure, facility operation and maintenance etc. This will effectively reduce the risk of information loss, improve management efficiency and provide a solid data foundation for the operation and maintenance of port facilities. In the next step, the municipality will further the construction of smart ports to better promote the high-quality development of ports and shipping in Shaoguan.