South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park achieved excellent results in investment promotion

At the end of the year,  enterprises and projects located alongside the Dongshao Avenue which is the main road in the South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as the "Equipment Park"), are stepping up production and construction.

Mingyang Smart Energy Project in South China Equipment Park is under construction.

The first phase of the Mingyang New Energy Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project has been topped out, and workers are ramping up efforts on the interior decoration and equipment installation. At the end of the month, the project will carry out trial production of prefabricated plants. The project is expected to be completed and put into production by the end of January 2023. Si Jun, head of Mingyang Company, told reporters that since the project started on September 1 2022, it has progressed very smoothly under the promotion of the equipment park management committee. After its completion and operation, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 3 billion yuan, with an average annual tax payment of more than 150,000 yuan per mu within 3 years after it is put into operation, and it will provide more than 1,000 jobs.

Mingyang project is a major investment promotion project introduced by the South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan this year. Mingyang is a listed company, whose investment in the industrial park has set an example for attracting big and strong companies for investment. In order to make sure the 159 mu of land be ready for the first phase of the project, the equipment park management committee tried every effort to achieve the reclamation of 159 mu of low-efficiency land to ensure that the project’s construction, which became a classic case showcasing the the equipment park’s strategy of "zero inefficient land" and "efficient project construction" .

Since the third round of the implementation of Dongguan-Shaoguan paired assistance program from 2020, the equipment park has strengthened its status as the "main battlefield" for industrial joint construction, taking the lead in the city to carry out a range of favourable policies for new investment projects, which has generated more than ten advanced work experiences that can be replicated and promoted elsewhere in the city. The number of enterprises that settled in the equipment park has increased from 18 to 80, and it is expected to achieve a total industrial output value of 23 billion yuan after all the 80 enterprises put into production. The equipment park has become the most efficient and dynamic industrial park and advanced equipment manufacturing center in the city.

In 2020 and 2021, the equipment park won the fifth and second places respectively in the performance evaluation of the city's industrial parks.

Since 2022, it has ranked first in the quarterly assessment of the city's industrial parks.

In 2022, 32 new projects were signed, with 178% of the annual planned tasks being completed.

From January to November of 2022, compared with the year of 2019, the industrial output value increased by 20 times, and the industrial added value increased by 15 times. 

From a industrial park with slow progress in the construction of infrastructure facilities, insufficient attraction for big investment projects, to the most dynamic and efficient park today, what has the  industrial park done to bring such a major change? Zhou Xi, deputy secretary-general of the Shaoguan Municipal Party Committee, director of the office of the Guan-Shao Headquarters and director of the South China Equipment Industrial Park Management Committee, said that it was nothing more than "down-to-earth effort" and "innovation". For past three years, they carried out the measures as follows.

Optimize the functional layout and improve the supporting facilities of the park

Since 2020, in view of the problems that existed in the development and construction of the park, the industrial park management committee has promoted the revision of control regulations and boundary optimization, with 18 square kilometers of land being optimized regarding is overall planning and 2.2 square kilometers of land  being added into use, which is expected to save 700 million yuan in costs and create more bearing space.Now, the park can accommodate a total of nearly 50 projects of billion yuan investment each. This year, 4,600 mu(Chinese unit of land measurement, 1 mu equals to 666.7 square meters) of land in the Lianhua Avenue area was selected as the construction site of the third-phase of the industrial park, so as to further promote the positioning of the industry it will attract for the third-phase project, which will focus on bringing in intelligent control systems, high-end CNC machine tools, automated complete production lines and electronic information industries.

At the same time, the supporting facilities have been greatly upgraded, with 15.5 kilometers of roads in the industrial park and a sewage treatment center, a natural gas pipeline network, a special steel 110KV substation and other industrial supporting facilities having been built. The first bus line has been opened to connect the industrial park to the city center and town center. The first electroplating production line in Shaoguan has been put into operation, which accelerates the construction of high-standard and multi-functional industrial parks in Shaoguan. Standard factory houses of 353,000 square meters have been built in the park, ranking first among the city's industrial parks. Among them, the hydraulic equipment industrial park was completed and leased out in the same year, with enterprises such as Nanxing machinery, a listed company in Dongguan City having been introduced into the park. 

Nanxing machinery project in South China Equipment Industrial Park

Nanxing machinery is the first furniture equipment manufacturing enterprise in China got listed at the A-share market. Its project in Shaoguan has a total investment of about 218 million yuan, and the construction area of plant, office building and restaurant is about 46,000 square meters, which is one of  Nanxing’s main investment projects in recent years.The project will mainly focus on the production of panel dividing saws, parts processing and assembly machine. In March 2021, the senior management team of Nanxing machinery came to Shaoguan Equipment Industrial Park for the first time for field inspection, and then discussed with representatives of the park several times. In July of the year, the senior management team members gathered at the Shaoguan plant to discuss the construction plan of the project. In August, the first batch of equipment arrived at the site. In November, all production equipment was installed and fully put into operation. On November 26, Shaoguan's first high-speed panel dividing saw rolled off the production line smoothly, and the factory entered into full production. It has created a record of the city’s investment promotion projects in terms of its speed of construction and production, setting up a model of cooperation contract signing,project construction, production and becoming an enterprise above designated size in the same year.

Adopt new strategies to attract big and strong investment projects

The equipment park has beaten its investment promotion targets for three consecutive years. It has brought in 62 enterprises with a total estimated investment of 15.3 billion yuan, including 3 projects with more than 1 billion yuan of investment each. It is expected that the average output value of per mu(a unit of area,1 mu is about 0.0667 hectares) after production will be 6 million yuan, and the average tax revenue per mu will be 330,000 yuan, which is about 7 times of the current average tax revenue of other investment projects of the city. 

Firstly, continue to give play to the "1+N+1" mechanism to attract investment. The Dongguan-Shaoguan Coordination Headquarter has been acting as a liaison to carry out investment promotion activities in the towns and sub-districts in Dongguan city , and strive to make Shaoguan the first destination for investment of enterprises in Dongguan city. 

Secondly, encourage the enterprises in the equipment park to bring in more investment projects. The management team of the park has taken the initiative to visit relevant enterprises and industry associations, set up an incentive scheme to promote the introduction of new enterprises. The enterprises in the equipment park have successfully introduced some upstream and downstream enterprises to invest in the park. For example, Huida Environmental Protection Equipment Company was brought in by Nanxing Machinery, and an time-honored electrical equipment company whose name is Jiye from Dongguan city was introduced to invest in the park through Huida, which has effectively formed an equipment manufacturing industry chain in the park. At present, the equipment park has brought in 44 advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises to speed up the industrial agglomeration. 

Thirdly, take the initiative to encourage the smaller industrial parks inside the equipment park to attract investment. For example,the hydraulic parts manufacturing standard plant, the new multi-functional industrial park and the Guangdong Hong(H) Valley Science and Technology Innovation Center have acted as investment carriers to bring in high-quality equipment manufacturing enterprises, electronic and information technology companies and other enterprises to settle in the equipment park.

Multi-functional standard plants in South China Equipment Park

Improve service for enterprises in the equipment park

The equipment park management team focuses on improving the efficiency of government affairs service in the park, implements a whole-process service mechanism and sets up a "green channel" for government affairs service, establishes mechanisms such as on-site service, special service unit etc. to shorten project set-up application and approval time from 271 working days to a minimum of 31 working days. 

The equipment park established a mechanism of "favorable policy + financial support + service". It helped enterprises in the park to apply for 98 government subsidies with a total amount of 320 million yuan. It also continued its "10 million" reward and subsidy policy for enterprises settled in the equipment park, with 25.92 million yuan having been distributed. Financial aids for enterprises were also set up to support their development. Such as the Shaoguan Branch of Bank of Dongguan has set up a risk compensation fund in the equipment park, in which the compensation rate can go to 10 times of the investment. Service units were also established in the equipment park to help enterprises to solve their problems, with over 400 complaints being settled.Meanwhile, the "Guanshao Enterprise Federation" was established to create communication and interaction platform for enterprises. 

Service Center of South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park

To solve the problems of the cumbersome approval processes for construction projects, which can take up to 4 months time, the equipment park management committee established the mechanism of "fast track construction", which means enterprise can start its project construction once the land is approved for industry development purpose.Since the third round of Guanshao's counterpart assistance program, the equipment park has completed 24 cases of land leasing through its “fast track construction”mechanism and 8 cases of land leasing with completed project designs for the lands, which has created a new model of "high efficiency and low cost " for industrial land supply. This new model has been praised and promoted by the main leaders of Dongguan Municipality. 

In order to prevent some enterprises from hoarding land and low-efficiency land use, solving the problem of land shortage for new investment projects, the equipment park has revitalized a total of 865 mu of low-efficiency land, of which more than 12 plots of land each can accommodate investment project of over 100 million yuan. Among these lands, 11 of which have been put into use for new projects, and 10 enterprises have billed for the lands, taking the lead in the city's industrial parks to achieve the target of zero low-efficiency land.