Shaoguan is making every effort to meet its yearly development goal

In the past few days, the local journalists visited the construction sites of Shaoguan’s key projects and enterprises, and learned that the construction of key projects such as Shaoguan Port are progressing stably and orderly. While enterprises are stepping up production at full speed, striving to meet their yearly production goals.


Shaoguan Port

The first phase of the Wushi Comprehensive Transportation Hub of Shaoguan Port is expected to be put into operation with 5 berths by the end of this month.


The reporter found that the workers were working tirelessly to speed up the construction progress of the Wushi Comprehensive Transportation Hub. The dock is taking shape, a towering crane is seen standing at the pier, and some workers are busy testing the automatic bucket wheel reclaimer.


"Since the beginning of construction, all the staff has been keep high spirit in construction and overcome many difficulties. It is expected that the port will be opened by the end of this month." said the the person in charge of the project. He also introduced that the port covers an area of 420,000 square meters, the designed annual cargo throughput is 10 million tons of bulk cargo, and the application of advanced production equipment such as automated four-link gantry crane and cantilever bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer with efficient and continuous operation has ensured its industry-leading level of automation and operation efficiency. 


The first phase of the Baitu Operation Area of Shaoguan Port has completed the construction enclosure and dredging work. And it is carrying out construction such as land reclamation, foundation treatment, foundation trench excavation, port pond dredging etc.


South China Equipment Park

Once Guangdong Mingyang Smart Energy Co., Ltd. finishes its construction and put into operation, it will be able to achieve an annual output value of 4 billion yuan and create more than 1,000 jobs.


Loading trucks, excavators, machines are all busy operating, while workers are carrying out various operations in a tense and orderly manner at the project site of Guangdong Mingyang Smart Energy Co., Ltd., which covers an area of 159 mu(1mu=0.0667 hectares) in the South China Equipment Park.  The main parts of the building such as production workshop, equipment workshop, and staff dormitory are under construction.

The head the company told reporters that , more than 300 construction workers are working on the project’s construction, and it is expected to be put into production before the end of December. After the project is completed and put into production, it can achieve an annual output value of 4 billion yuan and provide more than 1,000 jobs.


Let us also take a look at the progress of the construction of the key projects in the city.


Shaoguan Data Center

The project is located in Zhenjiang District, which aims to build and upgrade the infrastructure around the Shaoguan Data Center. The project is expected to be completed in 2025. The construction is being carried out smoothly.


Xiongxin Expressway

Recently, the first part of the swivel bridge across Shaoguan-Ganzhou railway was finished, with  more than 576 cubic meters of concrete being used, which creates favorable conditions for the realization of the project’s annual construction goals. At present, 90.8% of the roadbed filling of the Xiongxin Expressway project has been completed, 98.2% of the culvert project has been completed, and 48.7% of the precast concrete beams have been completed, with 40.4% of the total investment being completed. The picture shows the construction site of Xiongxin Expressway’s Zhuji North Interconnection.


Starway Biotechnology

The products produced by Starway Biotechnology Co., Ltd. are not only supplied to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, but also exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. At present, the company is working hard to meet the market demand with strict application of epidemic prevention and control measures.


Beifang Textile Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd

Both the machines and the workers are busy with production in the Beifang Textile Intelligent Manufacturing Technology company.