Ranking First in Scores! Shaoguan Renhua Successfully Promoted to Provincial Top Ten!

Good news!

Ended on December 3

in the finals of the Northern Ecological Development Zone of

"Elegance and Talent Campaign of the Green & Beautiful Guangdong”,

Renhua County, selected by our city, scored 788.98 points,

Ranking first among the five participating regions

And with the second Meixian District (769.55 points)

Successfully promoted to Provincial Top Ten



On September this year

In the mass audition event of Shaoguan Area of

Elegance and Talent Campaign of the Green & Beautiful Guangdong of 2023”,

Renhua County among the ten counties (City, district)

Stood out in the fierce campaign

on behalf of Shaoguan city

participated in the finals of Northern Ecological Development Zone



Final Campaign of Guangdong Northern Ecological Development Zone

Takes the way of 5 into 2.


Heyuan VS Shaoguan VS Yunfu VS Meizhou VS Qingyuan

Two excellent participating units were selected to

Enter the "Provincial Top Ten of First Elegance & Talent Campaign of the Green and Beautiful Guangdong"

to participate in the Exhibition of "Top Ten" and Award Presentation Activities

After a fierce competition on the spot

Shaoguan Renhua Successfully Promoted to Provinvial Top Ten




It is understood that Renhua County has a forest coverage rate of 80.78% and a forest stock of 13.48 million cubic meters. It is a national key ecological function area and a national model county for greening. It has Danxia Mountain, a world natural heritage site, and is the home of the South China Tiger. At present, it is actively creating Danxia Mountain National Park and a national forest city to promote the greening of the whole region. For example, Shitang Shangzhongben Demonstration Site of the Green & Beautiful Guangdong has been elaborately built; 16,600 mu of forest have been optimized and upgraded, and 4,000 mu of new afforestation has been completed.Forest tending has been improved by 15,000 mu; a number of natural parks such as Castanopsis hystrix ancient tree park and demonstration area of public welfare forest on both sides of Jinjiang River and green and beautiful ancient tree villages have been built; more than 3,000 "four small gardens" have been built4 provincial forest towns, 13 ancient tree parks and 22 forest villages above provincial level have been built, ranking first in the province.


Shangzhongben townGuangdong ecological construction demonstration site, Shitang, Renhua county.




Aerial photo of Shitang ShangzhongbenGuangdong ecological construction demonstration site in Renhua county.



At the same time, Renhua, based on the endowment of ecological resources, adheres to the road of ecological industrialization and industrial ecology, and successfully establishes the national practice and innovation base of "Clean water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver" this year. Relying on Danxia Mountain, Demonstration Site of Green & Beautiful Guangdong Campaign, Ancient Tree Park and the largest natural education base in the province, the county has connected 94 provincial red revolutionary sites and 58 ancient villages in series, vigorously carried out investment attraction, continuously strengthened the chain, and developed under-forest economy, forest tourism, forest health and research experience projects. This year, 16 new projects of integration industry of forestculture and tourism have been introduced, with an investment of 900 million yuan. In addition, nine high-quality tourist routes have been created, more than 330 Danxia homestays have been developed, and 1.81 million tourists have been attracted since this year, thus truly making the mountains greener and  the people richer.