Shaoguan won the title of National Forest City

On November 3, the reporter learned from the municipal Forestry Bureau that the National Forestry and Grassland Administration issued a notice on its decision to award the title of "National Forest City" to 26 cities. Shaoguan was listed among them, winning the title of National Forest City.


Shaoguan city is rich in forest resources and ranks in the top of the province regarding its core set of indicators of forest resources. It is a well-preserved oasis in the same latitude of the Northern Tropic. [Photo/Pan Wenmin, Zhang Wei]


In 2018, Shaoguan was approved by the State Forestry and Grassland Administration to build a National Forest City, officially launching the plan to start the work of the construction of a National Forest City. In 2019, it took the lead in in the province to require all its districts and counties to take part in the building of a national forest city with the aim of “Having the city surrounded by forest”. In August 2020, 7 counties (districts) of the city finished their application of forest city construction and the formulation of construction master plan, becoming the first city in the province to finished the work. Currently, the city is upholding the banner of Building a National Forest City and making progress in the work of forest protection and management.


Tianjing Mount forest farm


Under-forest Chinese herbal plantation on Lechang Longshan forest farm


In the past four years, the city has been taking the construction of forest city as an important way to build a green ecological barrier, improve living environment, promote the construction of ecological civilization and promote economic and social development. It has focused on promoting the construction of five major systems of "forest ecology, forest service, forest industry, forest ecological culture and forest support", and has achieved remarkable results. The 36 indicators and 24 projects have all met the national standards for National Forest City, while the quality of forests has been steadily improved, with a better coverage and layout of forests, and a better ecological environment in which people are becoming more confident. The city is realizing its goal of green development, with better urban afforestation, more parks with clear lakes and beautiful scenery.

Afforestation activities were carried out in the city


Nowadays, green trees and grass can be seen no matter in the city or countryside, on the mountain tops or around the lakes, on the city squares or in people’s courtyards. People are benefiting from the harmonious and green environment that has been jointly created by nature and themselves.