Gone Abroad! Shaoguan's Agricultural Product has Entered the European Market!

On December 5, at the launching ceremony of Shaoguan Changba Shatian pomelos exported to the European Union, a truck loaded with fresh Shatian pomelos slowly drove out of Changba Village, Daqiao Town, Renhua County, marking that the growing agricultural market of our city has stepped up to a new level in the world, bringing new opportunities and promoting new development for Shaoguan's agricultural products with "Guangdong Brand" .



The launching ceremony of Shaoguan Changba Shatian pomelos export to the European Union.


The truck loaded with Changba Shatian pomelos drove out to Europe.



The exported Changba Shatian pomelos are mainly sent to the Netherlands, one of the most important commodity distribution centers in the European Union. "The first shipment of Shatian pomelos has been fully loaded with containers, weighing 15000 kilograms, and more Changba Shatian pomelos will be exported to the European Union, with a total weight of about 200000 kilograms." Xie Kunyou, Chairman of Shaoguan Jinzheyuan Eco-Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that since the new EU Export Regulations came into effect, the standards for products entering the EU from other places are very strict. After many scientific tests, Changba Shatian pomelos have finally successfully entered the European market.


Shatian pomelo of Changba.