Shaoguan Strives to Promote Rural Revitalization

As a member of the "Orchid Plantation Rural Revitalization Demonstration Project" in Wengyuan County of Shaoguan, Lianxi Village has transformed from a poor village into a beautiful village, whose development and changes are so great and obvious to both villagers and visitors.


Since the beginning of this year, Shaoguan municipality has attached much importance to the annual key tasks such as promoting rural development, rural construction, and rural governance. Based on the current key and difficult tasks of rural work of Shaoguan city, the "Implementation Plan on Comprehensively Promoting the Key Works of Rural Revitalization in 2022" was formulated, which focused on the "Three Major Tasks" of food security, farmland protection, and the prevention of large-scale relapse into poverty, and making unremitting efforts to promote the "Four Areas" of industrial development, rural construction, comprehensive rural reform, and rural governance by the application of the “Five Measures” of organizational reform, planning, funds raising, talents, and timely supervision. New progress and new results have been made in promoting the city's rural revitalization, building rural areas into places with great charm and vitality.


The landscaping and appearance of Lianxi Village in Jiangwei Town has been greatly improved.


Measures to ensure stable production and supply
Shaoguan city fully implements the mechanism of CPC committee and city government being jointly held accountable for food security, and timely allocates grain production targets regarding plantation area and output issued by the provincial government to counties to ensure stable grain production. Documents such as the "Guidance on Stable Grain Production" and the "Action Plan for All-out Efforts to Resolutely Complete the Targets and Tasks of Grain Production for the Year" were issued. According to statistics, the sowing area of staple grain in the first half of the year is 768,200 mu, an increase of 37,300 mu or 5.1% over the previous year, with 42.51% of the annual grain sowing area being completed.


Shaoguan municipality strictly implements the measures for cultivated land protection. The preliminary design plan of the city's project of high-standard farmland construction for year 2022, which covers an area of 150,300 mu, has been completed and approved by higher authority. The average investment has reached 3,000 yuan per mu. Meanwhile, each county has completed their project implementation plan for year 2022 and started the bidding and tender process for farmland construction. At present, a total of 2,791 mu of 6 projects of paddy field reclaiming has passed the municipal inspection, completing 56% of the annual task of reclaiming 5,000 mu of paddy fields. 

Shaoguan city has completed the task of high-standard farmland construction.


Shaoguan city further improves the supply of non-staple food. According to the official of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the city has issued the document "Work Plan on Hog Production (Provisional)", and it is estimated that about 1.6 million pigs will be delivered to the slaughter houses in the first half of the year, realizing a year-on-year increase of 13%. The city is vigorously developing green, low-carbon modern agriculture , with documents such as "Implementation Plan on Crop Straw Utilization (Provisional)", "Work Plan on the High-Value Utilization of Wastes from Livestock and Poultry Breeding"being issued. The city has also received 12 million yuan of central financial funds to develop its crop straw utilization project in Nanxiong county and launch a pollution reduction project on wastes from livestock and poultry breeding.


Working together to build a beautiful countryside
In order to promote the construction of rural revitalization demonstration areas, Shaoguan city held the first "Agricultural Bank Cup" rural revitalization competition to inspire counties to actively construct a number of beautiful rural revitalization demonstration areas, beautiful villages and beautiful courtyards. Up to now, three demonstration projects have been completed, they are the second phase of Guangdong "Little Guilin" in Qujiang District, "Shili Guixiang" in Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, the "Qinglin Waterfront and Red Culture" demonstration zone in Wujiang District. While other 10 beautiful rural demonstration areas such as the second phase of the "Lanxiang Guyun" orchid corridor in Wengyuan County, the second phase of "Yue gan Ancient Road - Chengjiang River" in Shixing County, the " Paddy Field & Granary of Northern Guangdong" in Beixiang Huangben Village of Lechang City are under construction, and the planning and design of  "Nanling Gallery" in Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County and Danxia Street in Renhua County have been completed. 

The rural revitalization demonstration area of Rugui Road covers 17 towns including Rucheng Town, Yiliu Town, Youxi Town and Guitou Town etc. The picture shows Wushiling Village in Yiliu Town. [Photo/Profile]


At the same time, Shaoguan city strives to consolidate the achievements in rural living environment upgrade. Village cleaning activities on "Village Cleaning Day" were carried out every month, and the "Shaoguan City "14th Five-Year Plan" on Rural Toilet Revolution Work Plan” was issued to consolidate the achievements of the toilet revolution. The completion rate of the following projects has reached 100% , namely "Rural Landscape Upgrade", village roads hardening projects (roads that connect village CPC committees to natural villages), rural cleaning coverage and harmless disposal rate of household garbage. And over 98% of rural toilets has been re-built into harmless sanitary toilet. The coverage rate of centralized water supply in natural villages has reached 99.8%. All the 1208 villages have been rated as “Clean and Tidy Village” , including 356 clean and tidy villages, 724 beautiful and livable villages, 128 characteristic villages.


Shaoguan city vigorously builds better rural civilization by implementing the project of celebrating traditional festivals. The city has organized cultural activities such as “Joy in Villages”, "Our Festival", and "Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour" to promote the construction of folk culture and art township. Three counties (towns) were rated as "Hometown of Folk Culture and Art in Guangdong Province" from 2021 to 2023, namely Zhuji Town of Nanxiong City-- "Hometown of Folk Culture", Wengyuan County--"Hometown of Calligraphy and Painting Art" , and Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County--"Hometown of Yao Embroidery". While Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County was rated as "Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Art" in China. Shaoguan city also promotes the construction of public cultural venues in townships and villages, all of which have reached the standard of second-level museums (stations). And 83 Fengdu Libraries have been built in the city and in the main townships.


Taking firm steps to promote the development of rural industries
Since the beginning of this year, four agricultural industrial parks have been awarded as  provincial-level modern agricultural parks in Shaoguan , namely Nanxiong Simiao Rice Industrial Park, Qujiang District Pre-made Food Industrial Park, Wujiang District Vegetable Industrial Park, and Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County Camellia Oil Industrial Park. The city also focuses on creating local characteristic advantageous industries such as Simiao rice, tea oil , pre-made food, and orchids. Up to now, Shaoguan has built 1 national and 25 provincial-level modern agricultural industrial parks, ranking first in the province in the number of provincial-level industrial parks, which has formed a good industrial foundation for its rural revitalization and agricultural development.

Vegetable plantation base in Chengjiang of Shixing County 


In addition, Shaoguan city has also actively cultivated industries that can bring prosperity to villagers and rejuvenation to villages. It has supported the establishment of new agricultural business entities, recommended 11 agricultural enterprises to take part in the application of provincial key agricultural leading enterprises. Three-year action plans were introduced to promote the development of fruit industry, tea industry and edible fungus industry. At the same time, the city has further expanded the "Shanmei Shaonong" agricultural brand system, continued to promote the construction of the "12221" market system, with some key activities being held to promote the brand of "Shanmei Shaonong". They are, namely the 2022 "Shanmei Shaonong" High Quality Agricultural Products and New Year Flower Online Market, "Spring Blossoms, Tea Fragrance" 2022 Shaoguan Tea Culture Festival etc. 

Shaoguan city cultivates industries that can bring prosperity to villagers and drive the development of economy of villages


The city has vigorously developed agricultural and rural tourism, with a number of provincial rural tourism routes being constructed, among which, the "Renhua Red Culture Rural Tour" route was rated as a high-quality provincial rural tourism route, and 4 villages such as Shuikou Village of Shuikou Town, Nanxiong County, were rated as a provincial cultural and tourism characteristic village. In order to further standardize the construction of village guest houses, the document "Measures for Promoting the Development of Tourism in the Whole Region of Shaoguan" was formulated, in which a series of favourable policies to support the development of village guest house were clarified. Two high-quality guest houses, Yuanse Guest House and Danxia Impression Zen Inn, were recommended to apply for national Grade A and B tourist guesthouses respectively. At present, the city has constructed one key county and one demonstration town for leisure agriculture and rural tourism at provincial level. Six provincial demonstration sites for leisure agriculture and rural tourism have been successfully established too.


Shaoguan city will go all out to focus on the work of 7 main aspects, namely promoting grain production and the supply of important agricultural products, articulating the work on poverty alleviation with the work on rural revitalization, pushing forward the development of agricultural modernization, enhancing the value of agricultural and rural resources, promoting new urbanization and rural construction, accelerating the construction of rural civilization and strengthening the governance of villages, and safeguarding the financial guarantee for rural revitalization. So as to push forward the comprehensive rural revitalization in Shaoguan, and strive to be the role model of high-quality development in the northern ecological development zone of Guangdong province, making contribution to Guangdong Province’s endeavoring to be in the forefront of the work on rural revitalization in the country.