Tea of Shaoguan was awarded "Outstanding Brand”and won 6 awards!

The Guangdong Tea Society recently awarded the title "Outstanding Brand" for Shaoguan tea at the end of its 15th Guangdong Tea Quality Selection Activity of the "Guangdong Tea Cup" in 2023. There were three counties' teas on the list: Xinfeng County, Shixing County, and Shaoguan Lechang City.

The site of activity.

According to national standards, each sample of the selected tea has passed testing for 110 pesticide residues and lead. This selection activity closely monitors the source of tea and food safety. Following a second screening, 122 products from the 15th Guangdong Tea Quality Selection Activity—including green tea, black tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, and speciality tea—were ultimately chosen. 6 exceptional gold awards, 36 gold awards, 60 silver awards, 9 winning awards, and 11 medals for creative production procedure were given after extensive deliberation, independent scoring, and rigorous examination by 15 experts from all over the province.


Freshly picked tea leaves.

The list of winners in our city is as follows:
 Green Tea Gold Award 
"Chebaling Organic Green Tea" from Chebaling Tea Industry Co., Ltd.,Shixing County
"Wuxiang Yanxishan Baimaojian Green Tea" from Yanxishan Tea Plantation Co., Ltd.,Lechang City

Black Tea Silver Award
"Chebaling Organic Black Tea" from Chebaling Tea Industry Co., Ltd.,Shixing County
"Zen Black Tea" from Dafeng Sightseeing and Leisure Farm,Xinfeng County
"Huangca Shuiyunjian Fragrant Black Tea" from Shuiyunjian Ecological Tea Plantation in Huangca Town, Xinfeng County

Oolong Tea Winner
"Shuiyunjian Bai Hao Oolong Tea" in Shuiyunjian Ecological Tea Plantation in Huangca Town, Xinfeng County

The overlook of tea plantation.

A representative of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stated that "China Tea Cup" and "Guangdong  Tea Cup" are both chosen activities led by industrial organizations that have significant influence and credibility in the industry. Therefore,the award of the products from Shaoguan tea enterprises is the industry's recognition and affirmation of the quality of Shaoguan tea.

Tea farmers are picking tea leaves.

The 8 counties (cities, districts) , namely Lechang, Renhua, Qujiang, Wengyuan, Xinfeng, Ruyuan, Nanxiong, and Shixing are the main production areas of Shaoguan tea. Six major tea types are produced, primarily black tea and green tea. Lechang Yanxishan Baimao Tea and Renhua Baimao Tea are national geographical indication products. Eight different types of tea have been chosen for the national list of renowned and excellent new agricultural products. Three tea-producing regions have been recognized as the advantageous areas of characteristic agricultural products in Guangdong Province.

Renhua Red Mountain Tea Plantation. [Photo / Zeng Yi]

The city will then host a  high-quality tea  promotion activity in mid-August in Renua county, aiming to promote the high-quality development of the tea industry generally and along the entire industry chain in the aspects of tea cultivation, planting technology, processing technology, brand building, marketing, etc. and boost the visibility of the tea brands in Shaoguan.