Shaoguan is elected as one of the cities with good “migratory bird-style” elderly care system in China

Recently, the "2022 China Winter Habitat of Migratory Bird-style Elderly Care Suitability Index" was released and Shaoguan ranked 21st among 55 candidate cities.


The Industry Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University publishes the winter habitat of migratory bird-style elderly care suitability index and summer habitat suitability index respectively every year, aiming to provide a research-based guide for the selection of city to meet the increasing need of migratory bird-style elderly care service.

According to reports, the index uses 17 indicators such as temperature, air pressure, humidity, air quality, water quality, medical services, transportation, natural scenery and culture, with (or not) the title of civilized city, living cost, elder care service, average life expectancy and etc. The 55 candidate cities, located in 6 southern provinces and regions such as Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou, were rated according to the 17 indicators to work out the suitability index of each city.

Let’s have a closer look at what makes Shaoguan be elected as one of the cities with good “migratory bird-style” elderly care system

Shaoguan is rich in forest resources, known as the "Ecological Barrier of Pearl River Delta" and "Nanling Biological Gene Bank", with a forest area of 1,371,700 hectares, a forest land area of 1,446,300 hectares, a forest coverage rate of 74.95%, and a forest stock of 100 million cubic meters. In November of year 2022, it was awarded the title of "National Forest City".

Tianjing Mountain Forest Farm.  [Photo/Zhang Wei]

In recent years, Shaoguan has actively carried out the greening projects in both urban and rural areas, to create better green environment for the city and countryside.

Shaoguan city is rich in forest resources and ranks in the top of the province regarding its core set of indicators of forest resources. It is a well-preserved oasis in the same latitude of the Northern Tropic. [Photo/Pan Wenmin, Zhang Wei]

The lawn of Shaozhou Park [Photo/Shao Lv]

Shaoguan has been historically known as "A Famous City of Lingnan", where the scenery of mountains and rivers is beautiful and splendid, with profound historical and cultural heritage and diversified folk custom. There are 17 world-class and national scenic spots here in Shaoguan, among which world natural heritage and world geopark Danxia Mountain, Nanhua Temple, Zhuji Ancient Lane are famous at home and abroad.