Six tea brands of Shaoguan are awarded as "National Brand" in an international tea contest

Recently, the reporter learned from Shaoguans municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that the citys 6 tea brands of 4 tea companies stood out from the 600 tea brands in the 12th International Ding Cheng Tea Contest. The 6 tea brands, which respectively won the special gold medal, gold medal, further promoted the publics awareness of the tea brands in Shaoguan. It is reported that in the tea contest, Guangdong Qimin Agriculture and Forestry Technology Co., LTD. 's "Yanzhu Hong Almond Aroma Tea" won the special gold medal of the black tea brands, "Hongshan Silver Knife Baihao Yinzhen Tea" and "Hongshan Silver Knife White Peony Tea" won the gold medal of the white tea brands. In addition, Yuebai White Tea from Ruyuan Yao Autonomous Countys Huayao Tea Co., LTD won the special gold medal of the white tea brands, Wuxiang Yanxi Mount Baimaojian Tea from Lechang Yanxi Mount Tea Farm Co., LTD won the gold medal of the green tea brands, and Chebaling Organic Black Tea from Shixing Chebaling Tea Co., LTD won the gold medal of the black tea brands.


Yanzhu Hong Almond Aroma Tea