Being located at 25 north latitude, Shaoguan’s unique fruit golden Nai plum was sold to the the Greater Bay Area and abroad

Let's go! A few days ago, with a blast on the horns, five refrigerated trucks loaded with Leichang gold Nai Plum slowly made their way to Dalang town of Dongguan city, Xifadi of Hebei province and Dubai of United Arab Emirates.



Sweet and crisp golden Nai plum sold to domestic and foreign market


A ceremony was held to launch the export of golden Nai plum of Lechang to Emirates and its access to the markets of Beijing Tianjin and Hebei. The ceremony is also a move to promote the construction of a "12221" market system proposed by the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Afairs, and a strong measure to stimulate the export of featured agricultural products of Lechang and set a example for Shaoguans high quality agricultural products to seek access to international market.


On the same day of the event, Lechangs golden Nai plum was transported to Dalang of Dongguan city too, which marked the two cities joint construction of agricultural trade companyDale Dingyu Company, has made a major progress. The jointly founded company will further promote the selling of more Lechang quality agricultural products to Dalang and places around the country, and further improve the collective income of Lechangs towns and villages.

Refrigerated trucks loaded with Leichang gold Nai Plum [Photo/ Publicity Department of the CPC Lechang Committee]


Golen Nai plum is originated from Lechang, having a planting history of 30 years. Lechang golden Nai plum is famous for its beautiful fruit size, golden color, crisp and sweet taste. The golden Nai plum that has been shipped to Dalang of Dongguan, Xinfadi of Hebei Province and the United Arab Emirates is the first batch of the plum that goes on sale. 


Consumers in the Greater Bay area, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the United Arab Emirates can soon enjoy this crisp and sweet plum as people in Lechang do.

Golden Nai plum


Guangzhou Customs Shaoguan branch has established a mechanism of "Green Pass for Customs Inspection" and adopted the "One Enterprise One Policy" mode to facilitate the Golden Nai plums export to United Arab Emirates. Shaoguan branch of Guangzhou Customs guided the agricultural enterprises to complete their registration and packaging, carry out standardized planting and quality management, offered timely technical assistance and guidance on export declaration, inspection and quarantine, issuing of export certification, which have made the export of the first batch of golden Nai plum a success.




Danxia airport promotes the transport of agricultural products


Shaoguan Danxia airports cargo service greatly promotes the sale and better ensure the delivery efficiency and quality of Shaoguans agricultural products like Yingzui peach, Sanhua plum and Golden Nai plum, bringing more income to the local fruit growers.


It is estimated that Shaoguan Danxia airports daily outbound fruit cargo volume can reach about 500kg in this years fruit ripening season. Since its opening of cargo service from April 28th this year, Shaoguan Danxia airport has established cooperation with airlines such as Loong Airlines, China Express Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Chengdu Airlines, with airlines covering Beijing, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Zhanjiang and etc. Meanwhile, the airport promises to offer fruit growers and agricultural companies delivery service with "Fast Delivery, Excellent Service, Reasonable Price" to facilitate the development of agricultural industry in northern Guangdong province.