Fengdu Library is set to increase its brand awareness

In recent years, through the joint efforts of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and relevant government departments, Fengdu Library has become an outstanding brand of public cultural services in Shaoguan city.

With the development of the society, people's needs for better cultural services and products is involving. Meanwhile, according to the country’s policy on promoting the high-quality development of culture, there is still much room for improvement regarding the construction and operation of Fengdu Library.

In this regard, the municipality will put the work of "Fengdu Library Brand Construction" into the list of key tasks of the year, actively promote the renovation and upgrading of the libraries, and strive to provide better public cultural services for its citizens.


Fengdu Library (Xunfeng Road Branch)


Reading is becoming more as part of the people’s life in Shaoguan, showing the changes brought by the development of culture services in the city. The renovation and upgrading of the Fengdu Library is aiming to effectively promote the quality of public cultural services, and make the Fengdu Library become a public cultural space for citizens to study, visit and relax, and increase the brand awareness of the cultural brand “Fengdu (graceful demeanour, referring to the inclusiveness and demeanour of the prime minister Zhang Jiuling of Tang dynasty, Zhang was born in Shaoguan) of Shaoguan.

Improving the reading experience of public readers and the reading environment and leisure space would be the main focus of the renovation. At the same time, each branch of  Fengdu Library will have its own characteristics, keeping to the aim of cultivating people’s demeanour by providing cosy reading space. Light meal, cultural and creative products, intangible cultural heritage experience and art classes will be the new subjects for the functional spaces of the library. The ultimate goal is to create a place that has a variety of choices for people to come in and read, relax and enjoy themselves. 

Moreover,Fengdu Library is going to organize more cultural activities, inviting local famous scholars and associations to communicate with visitors by the means of delivering lectures, culture salons and etc.

We can imagine that, after the renovation and upgrading, people who come to Fengdu Library, can drink the coffee or tea they like, being relaxed and reading the books they picked, which would be a very joyful experience. At the same time, people can learn about and experience intangible cultural heritages, attend lectures and take part in other art projects here in the Fengdu Library.  

Fengqian Road Branch of Fengdu Library

Culture is the soul of the city. The cartoon IP of Fengdu Library, Jiuling Tong, just like people in Shaoguan, is looking forward to the new image of the library, not only change in the outlook, but also the variety of services it will provide to meet the needs of the people regarding cultural activities and experiences. It can be sure that Fengdu Library will always bring light and joyfulness to the hearts of the public readers.

Xunfeng Road Branch and Fengqian Road Branch of Fengdu Library will be the first pilot branches to go with the renovation and upgrading. Let’s look forward to the new changes of Fengdu Library together with Jiuling Tong.