Shaozhou Avenue Opened to Traffic!

All things are getting refreshed and lively in the spring rain.On February 7, the Shaozhou Avenue officially opened to traffic, presenting a great gift to Shaoguan citizens in the Spring Festival. Wang Ruijun, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to the field for inspection in the rain. Mayor Chen Shaorong, CPPCC Chairman Wang Qingxi, and Deng Xiaojie, Deputy Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, participated in the inspection.

Municipal Party Secretary Wang Ruijun, Mayor Chen Shaorong and other officials learned about the construction process of the Shaozhou Avenue


Shaozhou Avenue starts from Zhangwuling Village, Xihe Town, Wujiang District, and ends at the intersection of Fuqian West Road and Huancheng Highway in Qujiang District. It spans Wujiang District, Zhenjiang District and Qujiang District. The length of the line is about 5.9 km, of which the bridge projects are about 1.8 km and the design speed is 60 km/h. Shaozhou Bridge is the key part of Shaozhou Avenue construction project. The bridge’s total length is 1027 meters, the width of bridge deck is 44.5 meters,eight-lane dual carriageway, crossing the Beijiang waterway, with the tower of 109.5 meters high.


After learning about the construction process of the Shaozhou Avenue project, Wang Ruijun pointed out that the Shaozhou Avenue is the key project of the "One bridge, Three Parks and Three Roads" city upgrading plan issued by the municipal party committee and government in 2020, which is also an important livelihood project that has been included in the municipal government’s administration plan in 2021. The completion and opening of Shaozhou Avenue brings huge convenience and offers easy access to citizens. It plays an important role in integrating the four districts of Zhenjiang, Wujiang, Qujiang and Shaoguan New District and enhancing the city’s service function, bringing positive impact to the city’s tourist industry and bridging the development of the city with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. During the Spring Festival, the city’s traffic and police administration should work hard to ensure a smooth traffic and safe holiday for citizens.

Shaozhou Bridge, the key part of Shaozhou Avenue construction project

Officials of the municipal administration, Hua Xuchu, Yan Yuming, Li Xin, Xie Tianyou,representatives of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee, Policy Research Office, Qujiang District, Wujiang District, the Development and Reform Bureau, the Natural Resources Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the Transportation Bureau, the municipal SASAC and the Public Security Bureau participated in the inspection.

The construction process of the Shaozhou Avenue