Shaoguan Was Selected As One of the Pilot Cities in the Country

To make full use of the functions of ETC service, improve the efficiency of the use of parking spaces, and better facilitate public travel, the Ministry of Transport recently issued the Notice on the Construction of ETC Smart Parking Cities, selecting 27 cities such as Shenzhen, Foshan, Shaoguan and Zhongshan as pilot cities for the project, and Jiangsu Province as a provincial demonstration area to carry out pilot work on ETC intelligent parking.


The construction of ETC intelligent parking cities focuses on five themes,"enabling industry integration through digital transformation","driving a greater application by regional demonstration "," ETC+ better life service "," facilitating travel and green traffic ","static traffic management" and the construction of a "provincial demonstration area". The goal is to promote the application of ETC parking in the airport, train (high-speed rail) stations, shuttle bus stations and other transportation hubs, as well as big shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, colleges and universities, residential areas, road side. Through both online and offline channels, the project aims to build a multi-scene service by ETC+ intelligent parking, ETC+ intelligent refueling, ETC+ intelligent car washing, ETC+ intelligent charging, ETC+ intelligent scenic spots / parks. It will accelerate the construction and renovation of ETC parking lots in tourist attractions, building green ETC passages. It will also improve ETC parking and roadside parking facilities, and construct a urban parking management and control platform.


In order to promote the orderly implementation of the pilot work, the Ministry of Transport will have technical supports to strengthen technical guidance throughout the process, regularly organize communication and ideas exchanges, assist in solving technical problems, and timely gather experience from the pilot work and incorporate it into the compilation of  standards on ETC intelligent parking.