Shaoguan City Exerted Great Efforts to Achieve Faster Economic Growth

On February 10, the CPC Standing Committee of Shaoguan held a meeting to convey, study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech in Guizhou when he was inspecting the province. The fourth meeting of the Financial and Economic Committee was held on the same day to review the economic situation of 2020 and analyse the economy of 2021 and make plan for the economic growth of the year. Wang Ruijun, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Financial and Economic committee, presided over the meeting and spoke at the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and instructions during his inspection in Guizhou have strong guidance for Shaoguans development. All cadres should thoroughly study and apply the spirit of the speech and instructions to carry out work to drive the further development of Shaoguan. First, all the cadres should realize we have entered the new development stage, carry out the new development idea, construct the new development pattern, and speed up the high quality development of Shaoguan. Second, all the cadres should correctly handle the relationship between ecological protection and economic development, firmly stick to the principle of ecological first and green development, keep the two bottom lines of development and ecological protection in mind firmly, build a green and prosperous Shaoguan. Third,to consolidate and expand the achievements of the fight against poverty, effectively link up the revitalization of villages with poverty alleviation achievements, establish and improve a long-term mechanism for sustainable development, develop and strengthen rural industries, give priority to solving employment problems, and speed up the integration of urban and rural areas. Fourth, we must adhere to the people-centered development thinking, strive to solve the regional development gap, urban-rural gap, income gap and other issues, and accelerate the promotion of common prosperity for all people. Fifth, to coordinate regular epidemic prevention and economic development, strengthen food safety supervision, and ensure that the people have a safe and comforting new year.

The meeting pointed out that this year is the opening year of the "14th Five-Year Plan ", to achieve this year's economic growth target of 7%, the whole city should exert extraordinary efforts to achieve faster economic growth in the first quarter. First, we must vigorously develop modern agriculture,to promote agricultural productivity and quality by the application of science and technology, building Shaoguan as the "vegetable basket "," rice bag "," fruit plate "," tea pot" and "vase" for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, and promote the development of agriculture industry by the using of agriculture facilities and digital measures, build a better agricultural products circulation system and some professional farmers markets, making agriculture as a new economic growth point. Second, it is a key task to develop the industrial economy. We should support the development of local construction enterprises and the localization of construction enterprises, enhance the market share of the construction industry.Meanwhile,we should work hard to attract investment,tackling exiting problems by reform and innovation. Third, we should make every effort to develop the service industry. It is necessary to create a good business environment for investors, make a green pass for those who wish to work and live in Shaoguan, promote new urbanization, give priority to the development of central urban areas, and ensure commodity supplies    and boost consumption during the Chinese New Year.


The meeting stressed that government departments at all levels should thoroughly implement the economic work arrangements for the first quarter, coordinate the prevention and controlling of the epidemic and economic and social development, make clear objectives and strengthen overall planning, work hard to create a new chapter of high-quality development.