Shaoguan Was Rated As One of the Model Cities in Reform in the Fourth Quarter

Recently, China Economic System Reform Research Association of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued the "Third Party Evaluation Report on the Scale of Reform in the Fourth Quarter of 2020". The report shows that the national reform index is 68.48 in the fourth quarter of 2020, while the index of Guangdong Province is 70.61. Among the 337 cities that have been evaluated in China, Shaoguan’s reform index is 74.29, ranked 14th in the country, 3rd in the province.


Since last year, the municipal party committee has attached great importance to deepening the reform in an all-round way. The municipal party committee has deployed 44 key reform tasks in 11 areas, 22 special reform items in counties and 3 joint reform projects regarding the collaboration of Shaoguan and Dongguan. Shaoguan has achieved its main goals in the 13th Five Year Plan, making some breakthrough in key issues on promoting the high quality development of the city. 


Shaoguan is carrying out comprehensively deepening reform in 2021. On January 29, The 14th Session of the 12th Municipal Party Committee reviewed and approved the "Implementation Plan for the Comprehensively Deepening Reform in Shaoguan in 2021","Implementation Plan for the Pilot Project for the Construction of Green Communities in Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co.," and "Implementation Plan for the Pilot Project for the Construction of Green Communities in Shaoguan Smelting Plant". The city is planning for 109 reforms in 11 areas. It will firmly advance the 10 national and 15 provincial pilot reform tasks, 3 comprehensive pilot reform projects and 7 special pilot reform  projects, exert efforts to to promote the city's development and improve citizens livelihood through comprehensively deepening reform.