Major Progress Made in Pollution Control

Shaoguan has thoroughly implemented Xi Jinping's thinking on ecological civilization, comprehensively carried out the prevention and control of the epidemic, the protection of ecological environment and pollution control, exerted efforts to promote the construction of ecological civilization, making continuous improvement in ecological environment quality. In 2020, Shaoguan has achieved the 13th Five-Year Plans ecological environment assessment target issued by the provincial and state governments, with a continuous reduction of major pollutants and the improvement of the environmental infrastructure. Shaoguan City was selected as one of the 50 Demonstration Zones of Green Mining Development in the country, while Shixing County won the title of "National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration County", laying a solid foundation for the green development of the citys new journey to socialist modernization.

一、Environmental conditions

      1、Atmospheric Environment

In 2020, the excellent rate of Shaoguan's air quality index (AQI) is 97.3%(the target is 96.0%), moving 4.7% up from the same period of last year. The average concentration of PM2.5 is 24 micro grams per cubic meter, down 17.2% from the same period of last year. The concentration of O3 is 132 micro grams per cubic meter, down 15.6% from the same period of last year.There is no moderate or above polluted weather throughout the year.

      2、Quality of Surface Water

In 2020, Shaoguan City's 13 surface water assessment sections that were included in the provincial assessment all met the water quality standards. The water quality of all the 9 county-level centralized drinking water sources reached the control standard of drinking water. The urban area is free of black and odorous water.

二、Measures Taken

    1、Impressive progress made in air pollution control

First, we actively controlled the emission of high pollution sources in key industrial enterprises, continued to promote the management of high-pollution fuel boilers and reduce pollutant emissions. We canceled the emission permits of 112 enterprises with high VOCs emission, with a completion rate of 94.1%. Second, we focused on carrying out pollution control of exhaust emissions of vehicles, installed three sets of remote sensing monitoring equipment to realize 24-hour monitoring of passing vehicles, checked over 2.16 million vehicles on their exhaust emissions, and carried out unscheduled joint inspection of motor vehicles. Third, we continued to strengthen the regular supervision and control of dust pollution, focusing on undercover inspection and special supervision of key roads, factories and areas, completed the rectification of 1278 cases, reaching a completion rate of 97%. Fourth, we set up video surveillance cameras to monitor the acts of straw burning with automatic monitoring, positioning and alarm.

2、Water quality meets standards

First, we focused on the monitoring of the water environment during the period of epidemic prevention and control. The water quality of 9 drinking water sources which are all above county level (including 1 reserved drinking water source for emergency) in the city reaches the Level II of water quality control, with no abnormal indicator of remaining chlorine or biological toxicity being recorded. Second, we strengthened the protection of the water quality of the drinking water sources and speeded up the promotion of the program of township and rural water source renovation, with 95.7% of the work has been done. 7 new water sources protection sites were established.Third, we enhanced the treatment of domestic pollution, advanced the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities and pipeline network. Fourth, we tightened the control on the emission reduction of key enterprises, promoted the implementation of upgrading projects for wastewater treatment of industrial enterprises, and increased sewage treatment facilities in industrial parks.

3、Soil pollution is under better control

First, we continued to advance the investigation and rectification of heavy metal industry, while 13 heavy metal pollution control projects that deal with cadmium had been registered and rectified. Second, we carried out classified management measures to ensue that 100% of cultivated lands have been safely utilized, and complete the sample collection of agricultural products of year 2020.Third, we published the list of contaminated lands of year 2020 and its negative list of development and utilization, and strictly managed the entry and condemnation of lands. Fourth, we focused on the implementation of the standardized management of dangerous waste. A total of 82 hazardous waste generating units and 10 hazardous waste operating companies were inspected. Investigation and rectification work had been carried out to examine key hazardous waste units. 22 hazardous waste generating units and 6 hazardous waste operating companies have been checked and required to carry out rectification. We also implemented a standardized management action to regulate machine repair and maintenance companies and enterprises which deal with medical waste. 712 machine repair and maintenance enterprises registered on the supervision platform, the completion rate of which is 91.3%.

4、Stricter supervision and law enforcement in environment protection

In combination with regular inspection and complaint handling, we conscientiously carried out work on environmental supervision, investigated and dealt with environmental violations in accordance with the law. As at 20th December,the city dispatched 12201 ecological environment law enforcement personnel, inspected 4624 enterprises, filed 65 investigations,  ordered 200 enterprises to carry out rectification. The city accepted 5618 letters and visits from the public, complaining about environmental protection issues. The number of complaints that have been accepted increased 23.69% compared with the same period of last year, with a handling rate of 100% and a scheduled completion rate of 100%.

5、Enhance the quality of services to better serve enterprises

First, we maintained a strict ecological environment protection standard in the entry of construction projects, making sure the examination and approval of construction projects are carried out in time and adequately. We also carried out a reform on the classified management of environmental impact assessment. Second, we improved the environmental assessment service for key projects, actively examined and solved the problems in the process of project assessment and approval. Special personnel were sent out to give enterprises guidance in environmental assessment procedures, improving the efficiency of environmental assessment and approval. Third, we exerted efforts to improve service for the enterprises. The city carried out 9 reception activities to accept inquiries from 121 enterprises and answered 98 questions or demands on issues about environmental protection policies and environmental management requirements. Fourth, we implemented an action plan to promote the granting of national emission permits. On September 15, 541 enterprises got their sewage permits ahead of the scheduled time.


During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Shaoguan city will spare no effort to meet people's ever-growing needs for a better life and to work for greater benefit, happiness and security for the people. We will work hard on the construction of ecological civilization, promote the green low-carbon development mode, and build a beautiful city with blue sky, clear water, clean soil and green ground.


October 14,2020, Shaoguan city organized the "Enterprise Service Day" event in Nanxiong Industrial Park


From October 27 to 28,2020, the Commissioner of Bai Baozhu from South China Supervision Bureau of Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and Lai Haibin, the Director of the Provincial Ecological Environment Protection Supervision Office led a team to Shaoguan to carry out inspection on the implementation of the State Environmental Protection Supervision Offices requirement on environmental protection and the prevention and control of heavy metal 



December 4,2020, the Joint Meeting of Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Yunfu, Shaoguan Economic Zone Environmental Protection Panel was held in Shaoguan city


From December 14 to 18,2020, a five-day law enforcement team training program was launched at Nanling Cadre College, Guangdong Province


December 31,2020, Vice Mayor Ling Zhenwei investigated the air quality monitoring stations of Bihu Villa, the water quality monitoring station of Shiliting, the sewage treatment facilities of Shaogang Steelwork  and the ultra-low pollution discharge renovation projects