Ecological Pearl

Shaoguan is known for unique ecological system, it is a national key forest area, a biological gene bank of south China and an ecological conservation for the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area. There are 1.2685 milion hectares of forest land with a coverage rate of 73. 84%, 89. 1708 million cubic meters stock of living trees, and the three core indaxes indicate the richest forest resources in Guangdong province. The water quality regular rate of main river sections and county-level centralized drinking water sources are 100%, and there is no black stink water in urban living areas.
Shaoguan is rich in green treasures, with a variety of forest and wetland ecosystems from temperate to tropical zones,and rich in wildlife resources. Among them, the south China tiger, clouded leopard, horned pheasant and tuatara of yaoshan mountain are the first-class protected animals, and pangolin and macaque with other 50 animals are second- class protected animals. There are more than 36 wild plants in State Key Protection List including bole tree, taxus chinensis and ginkgo.