Nanxiong Hat Mountain, 3A Tourist Attraction

 Hat Mountain Forest Farm is located in Hat Mountain Town in the northwest of Nanxiong County, which covers an area of 709.7 hectares. With its excellent ecological environment and high concentration of negative air ions, the forest farm is entitled “Natural Oxygen Bar”.The climate here is mild throughout the year, with abundant rainfall and snow in winter, showing a fascinating ice and snow landscape during winter time.In the forest farm, about 500,000 square meters of ginkgo trees, metasequoia trees were planted, with maple trees dotted among them.The color of leaves of the trees turns from green to yellow or red in Autumn, reflected in the clear water of the streams that pass by.Its tranquility, variety of colors and clear streams create a great colourful painting, granting it the name of “Lingnan Jiuzhai Valley”.