Introduction of Transport System and Key Projects of Shaoguan City

        Transport System 
       Shaoguan is the national Tier1 railway hub and road transportation center that connects northern China and the Yangtze River Basin with the southern coastal areas of China. It has well-established transportation infrastructure with a traffic network of “Seven highways, three railways and one port”(highways of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau, Nan Shao, Lechang-Guangzhou, Shaoguan North Ring, Daguang, Wuhan-Shenzhen, Shankun; railways of Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Shaoguan-Ganzhou railway; Beijiang Waterway). It is the first city that built its own beltway among the cities in the northern, western and eastern parts of Guangdong Province. The developed traffic system make it possible for Shaoguan to integrate into the one-hour living circle of Guangzhou. By the end of 2018, the city has 1,6917.5 kilometers of public roads, including 688.6 kilometers of highways, 2,468 kilometers of national and provincial roads, 137.61 million kilometers of rural roads, with a road density of 92 kilometers/100 square kilometers. Shaoguan also has 256 kilometers of navigable inland waterways which are all above level VII.
        Key Projects
       (一)Highway "133" Project
        1. Shaoxin Expressway
        Shaoxin Expressway, which is constructed under the PPP mode, is an important strategic programme of Shaoguan City’s integration into the Pearl River Delta. It is a provincial key construction project invested by the municipality. The total length is about 83 kilometers(including about 7 kilometers goes across Huizhou City ).
        2.Xinfeng-Nanxiong Expressway
        Xinfeng(provincial boundary)-Nanxiong Expressway is a provincial and municipal key construction project, which has been included in the Construction Plan of Provincial Highway Network .The expressway starts from the Jiezhi Town of Nanxiong City (the boundary between Guangdong and Jiangxi Province), and connects to the Nanshao Expressway in Zhuji Town, with a total length of about 41.4 kilometers. It adopts the standard design of four-lane expressway and the design speed is 100km/h, with 26 meters of roadbed.
        3.Shaoguan-Lianzhou Expressway
        The Shaoguan-Lianzhou Expressway, which is a four-lane expressway,starts from Shaoguan City and connects Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway.The expressway runs from east to west through the south of Longgui Town in Wujiang District and Jiangwan Town, passes through the Gumushui of Luoyang Town in Ruyuan County and extends to Qingyuan City.The section of the Expressway that runs in Shaoguan is about 65 kilometers long.
       4.Shixing Connection Line of Wushen Expressway 
        The Shixing Connection Line starts from Wushen Expressway in Pingtian, Shendushui Shixing County, and goes northward through the Shendushui Village, Dungang Town, Mashi Town of Shixing County, and connects to the Shaogan Expressway.The total length is about 29 kilometers. It is a four-lane highway with a design speed of 100 km/h.
        5.Nanshao Expressway Oushan Interchange
       Oushan Interchange, which is about two kilometers from the Maoba Interchange of Nanshao Expressway, is a new interchange to be built to connect the Nanshao Expressway to the Qujiang Road to reduce the traffic pressure of the entrances and exits of Lecunping Interchange and open up a quick passage between Qujiang District, Furong New District and the Pearl River Delta.
       6.Maba Interchange of Nanshao Expressway 
       The Maba Interchange is the main interchange of the Nanshao Expressway. Two new ramps of the interchange are to be built to connect the Nanshao Expressway with the Lechang-Guangzhou Expressway.
        7.Beihuan(North)Interchange (Beihuan Expressway Huanglangshui Interchange)
       In line with the development strategy of Shaoguan City and to promote a new round of urban transformation and upgrading, making Shaoguan an ideal place for living, business and tourism, a new interchange is to be built beside the Huanglangshui, east of Beihuan Expressway, connecting it with the national road G323.
        (二)Public Roads
        1.Tourist Roads.In recent years, Shaoguan municipality will improve its roads network and the accessibility of the four key scenic spots of “Nanhua Temple, Danxia Mountain, Zhuji Lane and Nanling National Forest Park”.The Shaoguan Municipal Government has formulated a document of "The Tourist Roads Network Planning of Shaoguan City" to ensure a well-planed tourist roads network. At present, Chanyi Road and Yuedan Road are under construction.
        2.Rural Roads. In accordance with the important instructions of Party General Secretary Xi Jinping on the construction, management, maintenance and operation of rural roads, the Municipal Transportation Bureau takes the lead in urging the counties and districts to promote the development of rural roads by accelerating the upgrading of rural roads, creating model rural roads, renovating shoddy roads, and improving the quality of rural roads. The construction of high quality rural roads has become a major measure of the transportation sector to carry out poverty alleviation and revitalization of rural areas in Shaoguan.
        (三)、Waterway Construction (Beijiang,Shaoguan to Wushi,) waterway expansion and upgrading project)
        The Beijiang (Shaoguan to Wushi) waterway expansion and upgrading project mainly includes the construction of Mengzhou Dam and a 10,000-ton ship lock(named Mengli Hub) that has a total length of 34.5 kilometers. At present, the Mengli Hub is navigable, while the the main part of the project of Mengzhou Dam will be completed in 2019 and the whole project will be completed in June 2020.