Industrial Capacity

        1、Shaoguan New District (the pilot zone for receiving industrial transfer from the Guangdong-HongKong-Macau Greater Bay Area)
The city merged the Shaoguan High-tech Zone with Furong New District into the Shaoguan New District, realizing the integration of industries areas and unban living space, building the New District into the pilot zone for receiving industrial transfer from the Guangdong-HongKong-Macau Greater Bay Area, fostering Shaoguan City’s integration into the the Guangdong-HongKong-Macau Greater Bay Area and serving the further development of the Greater Bay Area.
        The planning of the high-tech zone is divided into the core development zone and the coordination zone, including the Zhenjiang area, Muxi-Yangshan area, Dongguan-Shaoguan Industrial Park-Phase-1, Gantan area, Longgui area, Baitu area, and South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park, covering a land area of 4905.3 hectares, of which 640 hectares have been approved by the provincial government.
        Relying on the existing industrial base, the high-tech zone will accelerate the construction of a new pattern of development in which traditional advanced equipment manufacturing and strategic emerging industries will be jointly developed, while modern service industries and traditional manufacturing industries will be mutually promoted. Shaoguan will set up a modern  industrial system of "1+3": advanced equipment manufacturing, new materials, big data (electronic information) and biomedical industry. It will also promote the upgrade of the traditional advanced equipment manufacturing industry into intelligent manufacturing; facilitate the integration of manufacturing and industrial R&D design and services, big data and modern logistics industries; foster the development of strategic emerging industries such as new materials and bio-medicine. At the same time, Shaoguan City will have a well-planed layout of the high-tech zone regarding its space, industries and functions, making a coordinated overall arrangement of“Core Zone – Expansion Zone – Coordinated Zone”.
         In 2010, Shaoguan High-tech Zone was accredited as a provincial-level high-tech industrial development zone by the provincial government; the high-tech zone technology entrepreneurship service center was established.
         In 2011, it was approved as one of the top 10 key industrial parks in Guangdong Province.
         In 2014, the Shaoguan Municipal Government authorized the High-tech Zone to exercise relevant approval power and management functions.
        In 2015, Shaoguan was accredited as the industrial supporting area for ​​the advanced equipment manufacturing industry in the west bank of the Pearl River by the Guangdong Provincial Government.
        In 2016, Huangshaping Innovation Park was accredited as the“Internet +”cultivation town of Guangdong Province and the demonstration zone of productive service industry. The high-tech zone cooperated with Guangdong Lianju Military-Civilian Industrial Co., Ltd. to establish a military-civilian industrial park.
        In 2017, Shaoguan Machinery Basic Parts Innovation Industrial Cluster was awarded as one of the third batch of experimental units of innovative industrial cluster by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Entrepreneurship Service Center of Shaoguan High-tech Industrial Development Zone was accredited as the national-level technology enterprise incubator. The Big Data Industrial Park, Shaoguan“South China Data Valley”was accredited as one of the second batch of provincial-level big data industrial parks in Guangdong Province.
        In 2018, Shaoguan Industrial Research Institute was established. Liu Yaoguang, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a researcher at South China Agricultural University, served as the dean of the institute. Guangdong Quality Supervision and Fastener Inspection Station ( Shaoguan) was approved and established.
        2、1、Dongguan-Shaoguan Industrial Park Phase I – Huangshaping Innovation Park (Guangdong “Internet +” cultivation town, Shaoguan version of “Songshan Lake”)
        The Huangshaping Innovation Park, which was shortlisted for the first batch of industrial “Internet+” cultivation towns, is located in the Dongguan-Shaoguan Industrial Park, Shaoguan High-tech Zone, with a planned area of about 470,000 square meters and 71 business office buildings being built. It will be developed in to a demonstration plot of productive service industry, which is also called the Shaoguan version of Songshan Lake in Dongguan City.
        The first phase of Dongguan-Shaoguan Industrial Park is aimed at the development of culture and creative industry, financial services, electronic information and R&D. At present, it has introduced more than 80 high-quality enterprises such as China Tower, China National Analytical Center, Lianju Military-Civilian Cooperation, Kunlun Information and Yingshuo Technology.
         3、Innovative Technology Incubator Platform (equipment manufacturing industry incubator, Dongguan-Shaoguan(Equipment)Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center)
The Dongguan-Shaoguan(Equipment) Center is a key project jointly promoted by the two cities of Dongguan and Shaoguan, and is positioned as a key project for boosting Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The project is an integration of technology innovation, R&D and design, equipment testing, talent training and investment & financing. The first phase of the project was completed in March 2017, covering an area of 55,000 square meters and 50,000 square meters of floor area. Relying on the operating experience, branding advantage and scientific and technological resources of the National Technology Enterprise Incubator of the Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology Industrial Technology, it will be developed into a professional equipment incubator of intelligent equipment with strong competitiveness.
        4、Supporting Industrial Park of Pearl River West Bank Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry(South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park)
        Overall Positioning: Supporting Industrial Park of Pearl River West Bank Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry, the core zone for receiving the second round of supports from Dongguan City.
         The layout of the park: The industrial park is located in Qujiang District, next to and Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., of Baowu Group, with an area of 43.5 square kilometers (12.5 square kilometers in Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., 31 square kilometers in equipment manufacturing and production area), of which 8 square kilometers of construction land will be used as start-up area of phase I.
        Industry Positioning: Relying on the advantages of Baowu Group's special steel industry, the industrial park will cultivate and develop the deep processing of special steel basic parts, manufacturing of equipment parts, manufacturing of complete sets of equipment and equipment services, creating a whole industrial chain for special steel industry.
       5、Furong New District (one of Shaoguan City’s  key development areas)
       Furong New District is adjacent to the south and northwest of Shaoguan Old Town. It is surrounded by the Furong Mountain and the clear water of Beijiang River. The total planned area is about 490 square kilometers, divided into core area and starting area, of which the core area is about 50 square kilometers, including Furong New City, Baiwang Comprehensive Service Area (Jiangwan) and Dongguan-Shaoguan Industrial Park(Gantan Area, Muxi-Yangshan Area).
        The newly-planned Shaoguan Central Area, with Furong New City as the link, is closely connected to Shaoguan Old Town and Qujiang District, forming a new pattern of coordinated development of “One Belt, Two Wings and Three Centers”.
        Furong New District will be built into the core area for integration into the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area.
        Development Goals:
        In the near future (2017), the starting area has basically taken shape, with the overall framework for the development and construction of the new district being formed.
        In the medium term (2020), the main function of the starting area is formed, and the core area begins to function.
        In the long run (2030), a modern new area with economic prosperity, beautiful urban environment, profound culture and ideal living and business environment.