Industrial Base

        At present, Shaoguan follows the regional development strategy of “Pearl River Delta Core Development Area, Coastal Economic Zone and Ecological Development Zone”made by the Fourth Plenary Session of the 12th Provincial Party Committee, adheres to the principle of giving high priority to making ecological progress, actively serves and integrates into the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It will build an important ecological safety shelter in North Guangdong and create a model for green development, striving to be the leading area in the development of high-quality ecological environment in North Guangdong. Shaoguan will vigorously develop emerging industries such as advanced equipment manufacturing, culture & tourism, modern agriculture, commercial logistics, health & medicine and big data, and strive to build itself into a joint construction base of advanced equipment manufacturing, a preference for tourism and leisure, a high-quality agricultural products production and supply base, a commercial logistics center, and a center for recreation and health industries for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
        1.Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry
        Equipment manufacturing industry is the largest industrial system in Shaoguan, which is also the main components manufacturing base of Guangdong's equipment manufacturing industry. After over 40 years of development, the industry has big market share regarding six categories of auto parts in the domestic market: metal castings and forgings, construction and mining engineering machinery, hydraulic cylinders, power distribution equipment and aluminum foil. In 2018, the city has 89 enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry, 1 national enterprise technology center, 77 provincial enterprise technology centers and engineering technology R&D centers, and 117 municipal engineering technology R&D centers, 2 provincial featured industry bases“Hydraulic Cylinders” and “Aluminum Foil”. HEC Industrial Corporation was awarded the title of “Industry-University-Research Cooperation & Innovation Base of China ”. Equipment manufacturing industry is an important pillar of the economy of Shaoguan City. Efforts are being made to build a joint construction base of advanced equipment manufacturing with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
        Shaoguan is one of the two large-scale steel production bases in Guangdong Province. It is also the special steel production base in Guangdong that relies on large steel plant. The leading enterprise Baowu Group Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 6.5 million tons of steel, with four main products, such as special steel bar, industrial wire and cable, steel plate and construction steel bar and wire. The products are widely used in automobiles, petrochemicals, machinery manufacturing, energy & transportation, aerospace, nuclear power and other industries. South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park is a new platform for the development of equipment production jointly built by Shaoguan City and Dongguan City. With the strong support of Baowu Guroup Shaoguan Iron and Steel Plant, Shaoguan will vigorously develop 4 main industries in the production of basic equipment components, key parts and components of automobiles, equipment manufacturing and other related services, and create a whole industrial chain focusing on the production of special raw steels and building a core supporting area for the advanced equipment manufacturing industry in the west bank of the Pearl River.
         2.Culture and Tourism Industry
        There are 903 tourism resources in Shaoguan, with 17 in world-class and state-level, 300 scenic places to be developed, 4 resources ranked as  level-5 , 57 resources ranked as level-4, and 137 resources ranked as level-3. Shaoguan City has 339 cultural relics protection sites (including 9 national key cultural relics protection sites, 45 provincial cultural relics protection sites, 285 municipal and county-level cultural relics protection sites), and 5 national intangible cultural heritages, 24 provincial intangible cultural heritages, 72 municipal intangible cultural heritages, 475 Hakka enclosed buildings, 1 national historical and cultural village, 2 provincial historical and cultural cities, 14 national traditional villages and 15 provincial traditional villages.
        Six major tourism resources:
        1. Landscape ecological resources represented by Danxia Mountain, Nanling Mountain and Guangdong Grand Canyon;
        2. Religious and cultural resources represented by Nanhua Temple and Yunmen Temple;
        3. Folk customs resources represented by Hakka culture and Yao minority customs;
        4. Hot spring and leisure resort resources represented by Jinglvlun Hot Spring, Lanshanyuan Hot Spring, Yuntianhai Hot Spring, Caoxi Hot Spring and Palace International Hot Spring;
        5. Cultural heritage resources represented by Zhuji Ancient Lane, Meiguan Ancient Road and Dinosaur Site;
        6. Rural leisure resources represented by orchid flower cultivation center, Sanhua Plum Tourist Park and gold grapefruit planting base.
       3.Modern Agricultural Industry
Shaoguan has a vast territory and rich mountain resources and cultivated land resources. It has about 2.2 billion square meters of arable land resources of which 1.3 billion square meters are cultivated land. It ranks first in the province regarding the per capita land resources and cultivated land resource. In recent years, based on its resource endowments, Shaoguan has identified six major products such as high-quality rice, vegetables, bamboo, fruits, livestock and poultry, and high-quality fish as the leading industries in the city. And tea, camellia oil, Chinese herbal medicines, flowers, sericulture and tobacco as the six major products of counties (cities, districts). Shaoguan is striving to build a production and supply base of high-quality agricultural products for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
       In order to answer the call for the construction of modern agricultural industrial park from the state and provincial government, Shaoguan, relying on its large scale plantation and breeding bases, is striving to build more than one Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park with full industrial chain of Production+Processing+Technology+Marketing+Branding+Leisure Tourism in every county in three years time. At present, there are 6  approved provincial-level modern agricultural industrial parks: Wengyuan County Orchid Cultivation Center, Xinfeng County Tea Industrial Park, Lechang Xiangyu Industrial Park, Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County Vegetable Taro Park, Nanxiong City Simiao Rice Industrial Park and Qujiang District Edible Fungus Industrial Park.
        4.Commercial Logistics Industry
Shaoguan is well placed and has good transportation infrastructure. It is the first-level railway hub planned and developed by the state, the national highway transportation hub, the second-tier city of national express logistics base designated by the state, the regional logistics base of Guangdong Province. Commercial logistics industry is now one of the 6 key emerging pillar industries in Shaoguan.
       Shaoguan has a well developed transportation system. It is the only mountainous city in Guangdong Province that has railway, highway and waterway connecting to other cities. It is the only city in northern Guangdong Province who has supervision place for cross-border e-commerce and personal goods express mail. Shaoguan is directly connected to Hong Kong and Macao by water transport,and connected to Shenzhen Yantian Port by freight trains, fulfilling local enterprises’global logistics needs.
        According to statistics, in 2018, the added value of the wholesale and retail trade in Shaoguan was 10.182 billion yuan, the total retail sales of social consumer goods was 75.259 billion yuan, the added value of transportation, warehousing and postal industry was 10.18 billion yuan, and the total freight volume was 209.61 million tons, ranking 6th in the province. 
       Development goal: To build Shaoguan into a commercial logistics center connecting the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to the hinterland of China.
        Key development strategy: Promote the construction of Shaoguan Port, North Guangdong International Logistics Center and Airport Logistics Park, actively undertake the industrial transfer of professional markets from the Pearl River Delta, develop professional market economy, actively introduce new urban
complexes and have a better urban planning, and continuously improve the shopping environment of citizens.
        5.Pharmaceutical and Health Industry
         Shaoguan accommodates 11 pharmaceutical production enterprises, 22 pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises and 7 headquarters of pharmaceutical retail chain, 1065 pharmaceutical retail stores (including chain stores), 2118 medical and health institutions (including village clinics), 181 nursing centers, and 10,139 nursing beds from various types of welfare institutions.
        Shaoguan is striving to build a “One Center and One Base”pattern for the pharmaceutical and health industry. It will be developed into a medical health industry manufacturing center and a health care base in the northern part of Guangdong and even the whole province, forming a medical health industry cluster of biomedical manufacturing, Chinese herbal medicine cultivation, health management and tourism. 
        6.Big Data Industry
        Shaoguan Big Data Industrial Park takes One District, One Park and One City as the main development pattern, covering big data trading centers, mass entrepreneurship and innovation incubation park, Internet + Town, South China Data Center, and 6 big data technology centers.
        “One District”refers to the headquarters of big data industries in Furong New District and the related research and living service.
        “One Park”refers to the big data centers and end products manufacturing and application in the Dongguan-Shaoguan Industrial Park.
        “One City”refers to the“Internet + Town”and the mass entrepreneurship and innovation incubation centers regarding research and applications of big data.