Zhuji Lane


       Zhuji Lane lies in Shashui Village, Nanxiong County, 9 kilometers away from Dayu Highway. The Lane is 1.5 kilometers long from Sima Bridge in the south to Phoenix Bridge in the North. It is the only passage to connect North and South between the Nanling Mountains, preserving its primitive and simple style.
       There are three streets and four lanes in Zhuji Lane, namely Zhuji Street, Chessboard Street and Mazai Street; Susi Lane, Huangmao Lane, Iron Furnace Lane and La Lane. There are 159 surnames including Lu, Wang, Lin, He, Xie, Zeng, Huang, Zhong, Lan, Liu, Chen, Guo, Zhou, Dong, Lei, Dai, Zhang, Yang, Ouyang, Li, Xiong, etc. Among them, the Leis are the She minority nationality, while the other surnames are Han nationality.
       What Zhuji Lane means to Cantonese is the same as that of what Ninghua Shibi means to Hakka. In recent years, the number of tourists who have visited the Zhuji Lane has reached 100,000 yearly, coming totrace the footsteps of their ancestors, and has been increasing year by year. Overseas descendants of Zhuji Lane return to seek roots and are deeply in love with Zhuji Lane which is regarded as a symbol of homeland and deep emotional sustenance.