Shaoyang Tower


     The name “Shaoguan” has a long history and fortunate meaning. The name is a record of the story happened in the historical city many years ago: Emperor Shun made an inspection trip in Guangdong and climbed up a mountain to play the Shao music. The character “Shao”(韶) combines the character “Yin”(音) and “Zhao”(召), which means that the wonderful music calls people to listen and learn.
​      On Double Ninth Festival, 2009, Shaoyang Tower, located at the top of Lotus Mountain in northern Shaoguan, was completed. From then on, Shaoguan had architectural masterpiece with traditional culture style, which is worth its name and recalling the history. Up in the tower and leaning on the balustrade, it is eary to devote oneself to the beautiful sence. If one could recite the poem ‘Night Scene of Shaoyang Tower in Shaozhou’ written by Xu Hun, a famous poet in the late Tang dynasty, one would observe and compare ancient and modern times, and recalling the past memories.  
​      Shaoyang Tower is a high and lofty building. Furthermore, it miraculously transforms into a grand flag on sunny and windy day, and it turns into a splendid palace in the sky in foggy day.This magnificent scene embodies Shao Culture. Therefore, it reminds people a number of ancient sages and talents arrived and stayed in Shaoguan in history. For example, Huineng, Zhang Jiuling, Yu Jing, Hou Andu, Mai Tiezhang, Wen Yan, Tan Dachu, Chen Lin, Xu Yun; and Zhou Dunyi, Su Dongpo, Wen Tianxiang, Han Yu, Wang Anshi, Matteo Ricci, etc.
​      If you have no time to visit Shaoyang Tower, you are expected to appreciate the works as if you were in the building(being personally on the scene) and enjoy the Shaoguan culture.