NanLing National Forest Park

     Lingnan National Forest Park is located at the junction of Guangdong Province and Hunan Province, covering a total area of 275 square kilometers with many famous scenic spots, such as Xiaohuangshan( small Mt. Huangshan), Qinshui Valley, waterfall corridor and so on. It is known as the “Roof of Guangdong”, retaining the largest forest in southern China, and also the hometown of Southern China tiger and Senecio serpens.

​      There are undulating mountains, sea of clouds, glittering lights, magnificent waterfalls, Senecio serpens and red maples in the park. Moreover, the scenery is changing picturesquely all the year round like northern scenery : Spring with all sorts of flowers blooming, Summer with thick shade, Autumn with gorgeous red leaves, and Winter with icy rime. Moreover, the folk costumes of Nanlig Town are unadorned and simple. Orange House Hotel, one of the Top 10 Attractive Hotels in Guangdong, attracts a great number of tourists with its exquisite style and comfortable environment. It was voted as one of the Top 10 scenic spots for self-driving travelling in Guangdong in 2006 and 2007.