Shaoguan is a state hub of land transportation, with an crisscrossing network of railways, national highways, expressways and high speed rails. It is also one of the six metropolitan areas as well as regional key cities of Guangdong Province. Currently,the traffic development plan, including the construction of Danxia Airport, the reorganization and expansion of Beijiang Channel and the construction of trams, will make the transportation of the city more of comprehensiveness and intelligence. 
      At present, the expressways in Shaoguan has form a circular intercommunication of all directions.
      The north route, Shaogan Expressway, leads to Shixing, Nanxiong County and towns and villages along the way. Changing the direction to Wushen Expressway, it will take you to Renhua, Danxia Mountain and Rucheng of Hunan Province. 
      Taking the west route, northern Guangdong section of Beijing-HongKong-Macao Expressway which is also connected to Shaogan Expressway, you can go directly to Ruyuan County and  northward to Meihua Town and Pingshi Town of Lechang County. And the southern section of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway leads to Qujiang, Nanhua Buddhist Temple and Wengyuan County.
      The forthcoming  Renhua-Xinfeng Section of Wushen Expressway, which is on the east route, will connect the counties of Renhua, Shixing, Wengyuan and Xinfeng.