Being considered as the most well-preserved oasis on the same latitude, Shaoguan has the highest forest cover rate in Guangdong Province, which makes it into the ecological protective area of the Pearl River Delta as well as the gene bank of south China.
    The subtropics monsoon climate provides an excellent environment for crops to grow. The annual average temperature is 21℃, the annual average rainfall is 1700mm, the annual frost-free period lasts about 310 days and the annual average sunshine hour is over 1800 hours.
    Being rich in land resources, Shaoguan has jurisdiction over 3 districts and 7 counties. It has an area of 18.5 thousand square kilometers, which is the second largest in Guangdong Province. There are about 23 billion square meters of cultivated lands, 2 billion square meters of hilly ponds and reservoirs, 9 billion square meters of sloping fields below 25°. The per capita land and farmland of Shaoguan ranks first in the province.
    Shaoguan has beautiful scenery and many places of interest, with 20 world-class and national-grade scenery spots and landscapes.The Danxia Landform is named after Danxia Mountain, which is also certified as World  Natural Heritage as well as World Geopark.