Shaoguan’s agriculture is thriving, with a solid foundation. At present, it has developed six major  agricultural industries, which are high-quality-rice planting, vegetable planting, bamboo planting, fruit planting, livestock farming and high-quality-fish farming, along with another top six distinctive agricultural industries—tea trees planting, camellia planting, traditional Chinese medicine industry, flower planting and sericulture. 
      Wengyuan County is known as the “Top County of Chinese Orchid”, “The Land of Chinese Orchid”, “The Land of Chinese Sanhua Plum” and “The Land of Chinese Jiuxian Peach”. And Shixing County is considered to be “The Land of Chinese Loquat”, “The Land of Chinese Waxberry” and “The Land of Chinese Dendrobe”. Nanxiong County is honored as “The Land of Chinese Yellow Tobacco”, with its tobacco leaves production accounting for 50% of Guangdong Province’s, as well as “The Land of Ginkgo”, “The Land of Dinosaur”, and “The Land of Bamboo”.
      By 2017, Shaoguan City accommodates 31 provincial key leading enterprises, 101 provincial model farmer specialized cooperatives,109 municipal level model family farms, 1 listed agriculture municipal enterprise in New OTC(Over the Counter) Market, 23 listed agriculture enterprises in Region Share Transaction Center. Additionally, 291 enterprises and 645 kinds of certified products have reached the standards of “nuisance free, pollution free and organic”. Moreover, the city owns 14 national products of geographical indications, 5 kinds of national class well-known and high quality agriculture products, 75 kinds of famous  agriculture brands, 12 kinds of Guangdong top 10 famous brand, 28 well-known and high quality new area public brands of Guangdong, 96 enterprise-dedicated brands and 2 core region-public brand enterprises.
      Over hundred sorts of well-known and good quality products,dazzling like bright pearls on the vast northern Gungdong, such as Volcano Arrowroot, Shixing Dendrobe, Nanxiong Pressed Salted Duck, Maba Rice, Beixiang Waternut, Shixing Qinghua Rice Noodle, Jiufeng Mountain Golden Plum, Changba Pomelo, Lechang Bullet-Shape Taro, Wengyuan Jiuxian Peach, Xinfeng Chayote, Renhua White Tea, Lechang Yanxi Hill White Tea, Qujiang Luokeng Tea, are reflecting the distinctive charm of Shaoguan’s agriculture industry.
      Currently, Shaguan has established 1 agriculture demonstration district, 1 Guangdong-Taiwan agricultural cooperation experimental zone, 1 provincial modern agricultural demonstration area, 11 agricultural standardized demonstration areas, 7 export bases and 31 agriculture parks, all of which are over 700 thousand square meters.