Shaoguan City is one of the key cities of Guangdong Religious Work. There are four religious affiliations in the city, which are Buddhism, Taoism, Catholic and Christianity. The four religious groups of the city are Shaoguan Buddhist Association, Shaoguan Taoist Association, Shaoguan Catholic Patriotic Association and Christian Three-Self Patriotic Association. There are 54 religious activity places, including 20 in Buddhism, 4 in Taoism, 7 in Catholic Church and 2 in Christianity. There are two religious institutions: Caoxi Buddhism College of Guangdong and Yunmen College. There are 516 religious staffs  (including 470 Buddhist monks and nuns, 22 Taoist priests and nuns, 3 Catholic priests and nuns, 21 Christian ministers, presbyters and missionaries).  The amount of religious people is about 44,000.